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from no12trust :
Of course you are Belle. I would be Jasmine personality wise, but i look like snow white. *curses her uber paleness*
from no12trust :
I was coming to tell you what an idiot you are, but i read your entry and all i can say is, Awwwww, Poor Baby! *mad hugglez*
from petithiboux :
from mare-ingenii :
He actually posted it, the darling boy! Here it is... Now look, my dreams, they're not dull In all the wrong places, I'll mull Like last Sunday, in Mass, as I pondered his ass and worshipped that New York god, Ful! ... now, really, how're you doing, Flex?
from mare-ingenii :
You know... I actually get what you're feeling. But if there's one thing I know... ok, fine, I don't KNOW, but I deeply suspect... when you call, when you visit, when you take charge of friendships... more often than not, the other party is greatful for it. See, they usually want it, and on some level, are really glad that someone who can do it gracefully is taking care of it. Believe me... if you stop calling, they'll note it, and they'll miss it.
from pattymelt :
pirates rock!
from spooky4444 :
I found you through Fulminous, i found him through taydo, who i found through..... *thinks* I'm not sure really. I think i just happened to click on him in the members area. *shrugs* but anyway, you are so adorable, and so is Fulminous, and together you're both just overwhelmingly cute. I'm now hooked on your diaries. ^.^
from taydo :
Trust me. You're much better off in NYC than you are in Orlando.
from taydo :
Hi! I know you're in Florida still but I just read Ful's recent entry and was quickly reminded that I did, in fact, shove you in an ice box last night. Sincerest apologies! I swear, I've never done that before! Hope you enjoy the rest of your vacation!
from fairyabs :
hey flexible, i have stumbled upon your little corner of diaryland and how happy am i about that?! I love reading your entries! thank you, fairy abs x
from petithiboux :
isn't posting about the new job and your shady employers a sure way to guarantee a pair of cement shoes? ;-) cheers, k
from seastreet :
Oops. You're so right. There IS no M1, I assure you. :) Just a slip of the fingers on my part. Looking forward to meeting you, too-
from metalheart :
a little late, but entirely genuine when i say: it was a pleasure meeting you and i hope to do it again some day soon. -shannon. (ps. thanks for saying you would hold my hair, even though i dont even have a lot. youre good.)
from indie-snob :
hello. i just posted a review for a show with the Starlight Mints, Ben Kweller, the Flaming Lips and the Violent Femmes. Check it out, i have a bunch of other reviews, too. thanks!
from girlsdontcry :
I wasn't really thrilled with my Feria experience either, although that's more to do with user ineptness than the product, most likely. And it's a bit late to tell you now. Anyway, I named my diary for a Cure song. And you like the Cure. Hurrah!
from pattymelt :
watch out for the feria! i have had some not so great times with that shit! you know ginger spice? not a good look on me. and the black i used to cover it up? scary!
from niceslut :
Hello, I followed the link to your diary from "The Royal Bedchamber." I've been reading Ful's diary for some time now and am very happy for both of you! You look so cute together! About this entry: "What do you do when your 12 year old brother asks you questions about your gay lover?" Here are my suggestions: "how could you be in love with a man?" You can tell him you feel the same way about other men that the majority of men feel about women. You can be in love with a special man the very same way that any guy can fall in love with a woman. "what do you guys do anyway?" This depends on your comfort level with details. If you don't want to get graphic you could just say that you do things together that feel good to both of you. You could say you make each other feel good with your mouths and hands and other things that he can find out about later. "what's it like to kiss a boy?" It's probably much the same as kissing a woman that you really like, except for the possible razor burn. "do you think I should try kissing a boy?" If, when he gets older, he meets a guy that he would like to kiss, he should feel free to do that, and if he does kiss a guy, it doesn't automatically make him gay. "when did you know you were gay, did you just wake up one day and like boys instead of girls" Hey, that one is up to you.. I'm a straight female! "did you ever try kissing a girl?" Give him the truth on that one. I hope these suggestions are of some help and I hope you and ful will continue to have a happy and loving relationship. Gina
from seastreet :
Dunno. Seems to me that what you tell him depends on whether he's just curious about you, or whether you feel like he's exploring his own options. I'm an only child, though, so don't listen to me, for godssakes. Glad you're here, and looking forward to meeting you!
from petithiboux :
welcome to the world of online narcissism, daahhllink. my very own little home is: ....*.... krissa

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