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from amazinfuckup :
Thanks! I know I am awful about getting back to notes, but reading yours made me happy, and still makes me happy when I see it. I write like I'm a badass who doesn't care what people think, but secretly notes like yours fill me with joy. Thank you so much. :)
from for-you-only :
I made that 'what you want' survey years ago and I had a good laugh reading your answers. I don't eat pizza anymore myself.
from eloira :
Hey there. Just a note to say welcome to the Altered diaryring.
from c1rcu5fr34k :
I read your answers to ticklebaby's survey and I was literally pissing myself!
from annbabyluv :
i really like your diary and stuff. life can be a bitch and your journals further confirmed that to me. but don't let that motherfucker called life get you down.
from sheo :
Hey, i don't know you and you don't know me, but i just want to tell you there is always someone caring for you. I hope you'll be ok *hug*
from joshuakane :
your profile intrigues me.
from alwayssadkid :
woops. it's actually thepplspeak. and you'll know what i'm talking about whne you read the previous note...
from alwayssadkid :
hello again. soooo ever wanted to write somehting, but didn't want the poeple on your diary to read it, or know it was you? oooor something kinda like that. or just wanna do something casue you love me so much even though you don't know who the hell i am??? write in it. tell other ppl to write in it. unless you completely oppose to the pointless idea of an open diary. yyeeeaaah. i'm weird and have nothing better to do. so i read your diary..interesting. i'd tell you not to kill yourself, but i know that would accomplish nothing so yeah.. i'm going to go be a loser elsewhere. buh-bye
from alwayssadkid :
sooo. i noticed that you listed my diary... "pretti kool likez the bleeding but i'd probably scare her shitless if she met me." i thought that was funny. i dunno why. ppl don't usually scare me though. yup... bye...
from mystictaco :
the sage of mystic taco-ism speaks on being a goth : "don't worry, lona, you'll grow out of it...into someone like me...oh shit...DO WORRY! AGHHHHH! stay goth! staaaay goth! noooooo...." -death-
from scarstrucked :
Thanks for adding me to your favorites. Though I'm very interested on how you found me?
from anisettekiss :
Well, Freak. I promised to give you a compliment and here it is: By substituting the letter "s" for the letter "z" makes you very cool and on the egde. Merry fucking Christmas. Now please die. xoxo Anisettekiss
from freakishlona :
no1 else will leave me a note so i'll leave myself one

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