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from dancinsheep9 :
Dude, u rock! I luv ur diary!
from evoqueen :
Duuude! You seriously kickass. I love how you write and I got hooked to your diary after I read like the first paragraph! lol. Well I'm addin ya to my favorites! Much Love!
from imabigtree :
Fry, i am sorry that u think that no one acknowledges u at glenpool. I think u are the coolest. Much love to ya.
from lightedpath :
Hello! Lighted Path is now up and running! You are more than welcome to come and add your site to our Christian Directory! Can't wait to see what God does in and through us as we all work together! The address is - with much love, Christy <�><
from catielynne :
Hey, just wanted to let you know that I wrote in my diary. How amazing is that?? LOL, it's prolly boring, but hey, what can I say?? ok, I'm gonna go shoot myself in the head for that one! Loves~n~cookies!
from salizar :
Hey, I don't know if I ever thanked you for adding me as a favorite, so yeah thanks! Also, wicked layout! Finch rocks :) xoxo
from dfirefly :
Thanks for adding me as a favorite, though I don't know why you would want to...
from strawberry00 :
HI...even though I have NO idea who this is,but thanks for putting me on your profile.
from evilriotgrl :
heh i like the comment about me in your proflie about my diary. i have been saying "she says the f-word...(dot dot dot) alot" it is funny too me i got a kick out of it, thanx i linked to your diary, sence you linked to mine :) i'm such a nice effing person! lol
from seanandjacob :
If you really missed her. You would kill Chase with your bare hands. Oh, well that's what I've done in past situations. Why delete entries, I don't get it? Actually I do... Thanks. - Sean
from crazydayzee :
your banner sparked my interest...and i'm glad...i like your entry about things to do in the rain...showering on the sidewalk
from coupdegrace :
i loooooooove that banner. i'll have to use that sometime!
from lilanthe :
i couldnt see your guestbook! But yes the banner must work as i clicked on it ! :D Have a nice day

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