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from ostensibly :
May this new chapter of your life be as great as it should be! I applaud you for letting go of the anger and being brave enough to confront the source of it all. Good luck!
from ostensibly :
Hah, don't worry about your spelling. I barely noticed any errors and had to go back to your note, and I only noticed one. Perhaps I am slipping? I know I am not intimate with your family situation, but the thing I'm slowly realizing with mine is that my parents have a point. It's hidden and horribly mishandled, but they have some random point, which I am slowly figuring out ( which is probably, "Don't die!" which doesn't really make sense but...?) . Coming to terms with it will be very difficult, but yet is essential. I know I carry a lot of anger, and I'm slowly trying to siphon it off, because what's the point of me carrying it? To get to that calm state of mind would be fantastic but.. Okay now I'm wandering about with this note. Good luck, and dealing with this is overrated! Take a nice break, you deserve it!
from ostensibly :
Thanks, I'm notifying my parents of my schedule, and now that they know what 6-close is, I think they're going to be off my back.<P> Oh, and you're so lucky that you're graduating soon! It seems as if the end to college is light years away (a.k.a. 2), but good luck with getting those classes!
from wilberteets :
Yes, I need to know what has-beens will be on the show next week. After that show, I did think "there goes an hour of my life that I'll never get back."
from poolagirl :
Why, my goodness! Thank you so much for popping by my diary! I look forward to learning more about you!
from ostensibly :
Pffsh! That is the nature of corporate America. Why are people such tools?
from ostensibly :
Happy Birthday! May your year be everything you want and more.
from ostensibly :
Thank you very much!
from ostensibly :
I haven't read your diary in ages (due to a very large load of schoolwork and a freak computer incident) and I must say: a. I hang my head in shame for America b. Holidays suck ass when you don't have someone readily available to share it with and c. DIEHARD CHRISTIANS! Declarations make you seem infallible... is that what you are? Best wishes to you during the holiday season!
from ostensibly :
Thank you so much for the note! I've started reading your diary and I just find it to be very entertaining and very, very true. I'm attempting to give you a compliment, and I am not very good at them, so please take my small note as one.
from cdghost :
stumbled across your words and enjoyed reading them..thank you--thecdghost
from grottonymph :
Sweet! Someone actually reads my diary- and likes it! How cool. Glad I could help.
from glisk :
Love your diary... Have "been there done that" with so many of the experiences you relate...reading about someone else feeling similiar things helps untangle some of the knots in my own thoughts. :)

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