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from myrkur :
where are you moving? yay. i'm okay. i'm okay. i'm okay.
from deadpilot :
i miss you. i miss feeling connected to someone.
from tangledtears :
Hi. Thanks for your note at my diary. It is nice to know someone feels the way I do or even remotely notices something of mine. I do know who you are ;) and I think you are pretty cool too. see ya, and keep writin'. laterz
from myrkur :
i can't really get online.. i have to used one of my father's computers, and i broke one of them... something is wrong with me. i am too scared to install aim here, but i hope my brother can fix my computer this weekend.... xo.
from derekhaven :
awww.. don't cry pretty lady. Live to fight another day, is what i tell you. :) <br>Yea, i'm still alive, and occasionally posting.. I didn't recognize you by your real name when you left me that note, so a 1000 apologies for not leaving a note sooner. Lurk on the chat once in a while, maybe we'll bump into each other. ;)
from lostnfallen :
*sending lots of nice vibes your way and hoping things will improve for you* ...the darkness only makes the light shine brighter...
from alayah :
Hi just wanted to let you know Medicated will be locked temporarily due to html adjustments. Please go to idiotpage for current updates. :)
from csarven :
you are a female version of me/writings?! floating from one thought to another aren't we?
from derekhaven :
awww.. who are you missing in your life? :(
from lostnfallen :
Thankyou. After reading your note i actually smiled. I know i have a long road ahead of me, dealing with the breakdown of it all but i also know it is getting better. I have drowned myself in RL so much these past couple of days that it makes it easier to bare. Thankyou 'gain.
from tryste :
i guess we're all just making our miserable way through our equally miserable lives and the best we can hope for is...i'm not sure, really. empathy? i don't know. i wish i did know. wouldn't it be amazing to be someone who could actually claim to *handle people with ease* there. I'm done talking for the day.
from tryste :
I was actually just going to go back and post 'oh, and don't be sorry' and then I saw your note. heh. would it be weird to say I enjoyed this little conversation? because i did!
from tryste :
and..I can't claim to understand what you are going through, or even know all the details or anything, and I don't usually pry. i won't. i won't even say i'm there for you, because hell, i'm not. but i am reading. that's all.
from tryste :
*thinks*. here's how it is. when I said that, I was just struck by the similiarities. it wasn't an indication of 'i understand completely' far from it. it was just a spontaneous expression of relating to what you had been writing over the past few weeks or rather of finding it, comforting? oddly? to know...i'm not sure. I didn't intend it to be a 'i know where you are coming from completely tell me all your worries and fears and watch them be magically allayed' sort of note. heaven forbid.
from tryste :
reading over your's insane how similiar some things in our lives are. hope things are better soon.
from tryste :
yeah. maybe we make mistakes. but the point is the consequences are losing people you love and.. oh well. thanks for the note.
from tryste :
i mostly lurk online and i avoid random conversation but you sort of made me feel special today. (oh lord that sounds smarmy) thanks. *debates whether to post this or not*
from jlynzee :
I like the way you seem to examine things. You know what you want. Dont worry if it seems petty or selfish. If its something that is right(wether other peopel think so or not) then it needs done. and your not afraid to do it. Dont worry my beds cold too. WB Jlynzee
from thisisjohn :
almost over. cant. feel. my head. ahhhh.,
from warcry :
I Sense Your Very Breath. Your Susceptibility. Your Passion. Great Work Is Always From the Heart.
from lilbutrfly :
when i read your entry i could feel it���
from histamine :
You are not an idiot, idiot.

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