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from tumojeserce :
malus poeta? i found you.
from coldandgray :
coolest ever
from coldandgray :
weird, your diary is not loading
from starfreer :
from lostgotheyes :
this is lame, but i just wanted to say that i think your template i awesome.
from crateobscure :
I live in Boston, as well. Just curious.
from crateobscure :
"Tremont and the Common" - Do you live in Boston?
from sls :
your diary is making me glad to be a curious insomniac. hurrah for new discoveries!
from crateobscure :
Really like your stuff. Keep it up.
from x--drifting :
I like how you string your words together. A lot. <3
from limned :
hey. you like me. i like you. you should let me peek in your diary, and then you can see mine. also, i think the name of your diary is clever.
from xwords :
dear you, you see? we need new members. i've cut things down. need to fix things though. interested? email me here: [email protected] tell me why you want to join. k? ♥,LI
from globe :
Globe Listings would be happy to have you as part of our listings site! Would you like more traffic? Come check us out then! Thank you. Have a great day!
from so-pale :
definitely something new. i found you in xwords notes page. and felt curious enough plus li (yes, the owner of xwords) asked me to check up with the site since she can't go online. i do hope she accepts you as a member. you've got unique writing skills. har... xox,lai
from morceaux :
i found you through cry's notes page. you're absolutely beautiful, &i wish i was as such<3
from blue-clouds :
I love the way that you write!!

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