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pirate-life profile - diary
comments: "Clavicle!" I just can't resist chicks into pirates.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: DJs see the oddest things
nerdgroupie profile - diary
comments: "And run-on sentences. I do love me some bad composition."
drowning13 profile - diary
comments: "[M]y imagination is a stunt pilot performing all sorts of tricky loops and barrel rolls in a sky blue enough to suffocate the breathless."
likeaforest profile - diary
orchid-tears profile - diary
comments: Her diary is like a kiss from a cloud - if that cloud were a dark storm front rolling over the country side and blotting out the sun. Also, she's my buddy and is really cool and if you don't read her diary I will kill you.
rhidundantx2 profile - diary
comments: Very funny. And she's a hottie.
supermom3604 profile - diary
dooki profile - diary
comments: "Apology: Fuck you, you selfish bitch. There's my apology. I learned that from you." She's so cute!
oomm profile - diary
comments: The woman responsible for nose coffee and dangling squid. Fear her!
precognate profile - diary
comments: This guy thinks I can write. Wait until he sees an entry I haven't run through my spell checker of DOOM!
rhidundantx2 profile - diary
comments: I'm hoping that if I list her twice she will update more often. Oh, and I'm stalking her.
becksterama9 profile - diary
geeked-out profile - diary
luxlust profile - diary
comments: She seems to like my dland stuff. That is worth a lot of points in my book, so you should read her as she is obviously a woman of taste and refinement.
dr-rndmprsn profile - diary
heartanalog profile - diary
comments: "aleatoric love letters"
completeliar profile - diary
comments: "seriously though, i just did EVERY survey listed on 'x'. It was a lot less fun than i thought it would be."
kristintracy profile - diary
comments: "We are chapped. BOY are we chapped. "
logophobic profile - diary
comments: "Yeah, that's the key to it all, you better get it down."
dulligirl profile - diary
comments: "Sunday will be the official lazing around day. Not to be confused with yesterday, which was the unofficial, not properly sanctioned lazing around day."
itineration profile - diary
comments: "[A] childhood spent in front of the television, nutured by the glow of video games, has adequetely prepared me for work in the food service industry"
bottre33 profile - diary
comments: "Let's make one thing perfectly clear: I don't speak to anyone. [....]It's a sort of social experiment - Can a man live alone, without normal human contact with anyone? "
artgnome profile - diary
comments: "Last night we had a Bad Art night at our pastor's house. Lots of Macaroni, glitter glue, paint kits and foam shapes aplenty. So Kat and I, the decidedly spiritually gifted members of the congregation, thought we should take bad art up a notch
im2evil4u profile - diary
comments: "I almost took out my camera, but I thought it would be inappropriate to take photos during the wake for her dearly departed grandmother."
dinosaurs profile - diary
comments: "i wonder if there's someone at the diaryland controls laughing every time i click on one of my favorites to find another person who likes, say,isaac bashevis singer or jordan crane or the peanut butter solution. they make a list of fake names
leofire profile - diary
comments: "I'm talking, cartoon toads all over the pants and one on the shirt and the phrase "Toadily Cool!" written all over it."
bigpimpinmba profile - diary
comments: "It�s because, in Singapore, you�re not walking on a moving walkway, your walking on a Travellator. A Bone-A-FIDE TRAVELLATOR!!!!! As if you are ever going to feel any cooler than you do when you are walking on a Travellator."
monkey-king profile - diary
comments: He is, after all, the Monkey KING! Plus he actually writes about bands that were important to me when I was in high school, college, etc... A rarity amongs d-landers. I just hope he doesn't fling his poo like the last monkey I put on my buddy list.
galaxy profile - diary
comments: ""Give me a peanut why aren't you giving me a peanut why aren't there peanuts out here I want a peanut." I stuck a peanut-filled fist out, and one of them was so excited it lunged at me and nearly bit my entire hand off. Silly thi
catfish19 profile - diary
comments: "Sometimes I just like to sit and wonder what parasitic microorganisms live in my gut."
seekfreedom profile - diary
comments: "I'm not inferior, nor weaker, nor stricter, nor more rigid than anyone who does drink, smoke, inhale, or otherwise make themselves loopier than they need to be. All I do is make a different choice."
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: Quotes
chaosbean profile - diary
comments: "I get the distinct feeling the neighbors like my car about as much as I do. Yup, thats right, my neighbors beat the living fuck out of my car. My car apparentally took it like a champ"
mom-on-roof profile - diary
comments: "I will secretly inscribe somewhere inside the hull, in a hidden place, a secret name, a very clever name that I have created for that boat, that person, and then they can put whatever they like on the side of the boat"
egoslap profile - diary
comments: "that cartoon about the koala bear that was a stuffed animal that came alive, and was actually from another dimension, that show ruled!"
spritopias profile - diary
comments: Aparently, he was killing Jedis back when it meant something to be a Jedi. Color me impressed!
themandikat profile - diary
comments: "It's almost enough to make you want to be a nerd. Wait... I just watched the midnight showing of Episode III. crap. I am a nerd."
sallydallydo profile - diary
comments: Many moons ago, I was a teen. I paid the Stupid Teen Tax back then, and I want my children to have an easier go of things. I want them to dress cool (so long as �cool� does not mean �Baby Ho�)
myssa profile - diary
comments: Ska jag ber�tta en hemlighet?
kaybiff profile - diary
comments: I have decided that from this day on the phrase "totally awesome" will be replaced with "hot pants." And you know what? It will be hot pants.

My favorite music:

The Decemberists
comments: Words fail me
Mary Timony
comments: She is good friends with someone I work with. Weird, eh?
Death Cab for Cutie
comments: A friend of a friend is the DCfC gutarist's girlfreind
Elliott Smith
comments: No connection here, I just like him. Too bad he's dead.
The Dresden Dolls
comments: I went to HS with the singer - Amanda Palmer. She was an odd one. That's my brush wtih fame. Pathetic, isn't it?

My favorite movies:

Lord Of The Rings
10 Things I Hate About You
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Office Space

My favorite authors:

Lauren Winner
Jorge Borges
C. S. Lewis
Charles Dickens
comments: I can't explain it, but I actually enjoyd Great Expectations and Oliver Twist.

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