Sorry if i end up grinning while you are lecturing me about my conduct.

Apparently some people think its real funny to leave stupid, mean messages for people on their blogs and they get off on making themselves look like ass holes. Some people learn from their bad experiences, while others turn to acting like inbred psychos. Grow up, and get a life.

My favorite diaries:

unknown want to profile - diary
comments: So i picked up this Gay Porn magazine and i was like WOW, these guys are HOT,barely wearing anything and making overly sexy faces. Then i looked at the cover and it was an Abercrombie and Fitch catalog. I threw it away.
unclebob profile - diary
kitchenlogic profile - diary
theyknew profile - diary
stayinschool profile - diary
comments: I like confetti because you usually get in troubble if you throw trash at people, but if you cut it up into little pieces, its a celebration!!!
counthere profile - diary
comments: If i were a gay man, i would hope to be alot like this.
weetabix profile - diary
comments: your under eye circles were giving me vertigo.
amoon profile - diary
geeked-out profile - diary
comments: it's good to know that someone still appreciates foul language and bitteness!
lostgem profile - diary
comments: sad, painful
drowning13 profile - diary
comments: He called me perrrty, i like him!
auntie-ame profile - diary
comments: so dirty! Refreshing!
dukkha-tanha profile - diary
comments: filthy and shameless. I like it.
smartypants profile - diary
comments: my new diaryland hero!
astrocat profile - diary
Kristintracy profile - diary
comments: Personally, and maybe this is just me, I�d rather be finger-fucked by a transvestite with a coke nail than remain at work much longer
epeter2025 profile - diary
boymonkey profile - diary
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: I had no idea that i was missing out on this guy, thank god, for sparing me the torture
alicesbaby profile - diary
facepunch profile - diary
hamiltonian profile - diary
comments: important
BaconBoy42 profile - diary
evil-barbara profile - diary
chakra-chick profile - diary
ienjoycorks profile - diary
comments: duh, i put this one, this is a no brainer
waterstain profile - diary
marn profile - diary
badsnake profile - diary
Guantanamera profile - diary
comments: twisted little hottie
iota profile - diary
puppetgirl profile - diary
twhite profile - diary
redtoaster profile - diary
comments: My list of favs is getting long, but i cant resist a good read!
dangerspouse profile - diary
krugerpak007 profile - diary
nermalstight profile - diary
oomm profile - diary
supermom3604 profile - diary
lucaluca profile - diary
findingmarie profile - diary
Asrael profile - diary
comments: Gorgeous!
justinker profile - diary
neonlemonz profile - diary
czarandom profile - diary
crateobscure profile - diary
vickithecute profile - diary
shutupmom profile - diary
crapstein profile - diary
thedailywtf profile - diary
el-guapo profile - diary

My favorite music:

The Doors
comments: Morrison was the sexiest man, i wish i could have had his crazy little babies.
comments: Caribean Blue
Nina Simone
comments: moody, raw
Jimmy Buffet
comments: always helps a grey day
Cowboy Junkies

My favorite movies:

My favorite authors:

Augusten Burroughs
comments: I love Augustens stories
Douglass Adams
comments: Fun , strange british humor
Dan Brown
comments: Always interesting stuff!
Steven Hawking

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