End the misery...

I'm a recovering bulimic and newly pregnant.

also, incase anyone was wondering...I am formerly miagoddess (had to stop writing there for personal reasons)

My favorite diaries:

comfortm profile - diary
comments: "Life just isnt worth this torture in my head."
leslieirene profile - diary
turtlemomma profile - diary
blindsorrow profile - diary
luxlust profile - diary
galaxyrabbit profile - diary
unrelenting- profile - diary
comments: "There's something so powerful about walking on the edge- however, it always feels as though I'm not walking close enough to the edge, if I were to get a little closer then there'd be even more there to be gleeful about. "
starke- profile - diary
laydeejane profile - diary
lildebkitty profile - diary
silentspice profile - diary
mcearstix profile - diary
imaphatpig profile - diary
happydiary profile - diary
comments: "God I want to cut off every single ounce of flesh and donate it to Goodwill. I could spare some shoes while I'm at it I suppose."
luxelady profile - diary
comments: "I'm not hungry. I have no appetite whatsoever. For some reason that made me sad. Because it's not only food that I don't have an appetite for. It's everything. "
muxxie profile - diary
jackiexblue profile - diary
serenity-71 profile - diary
zombee profile - diary
moretoknow profile - diary
comments: "It's like our words are having sex...and I just want him to take advantage of me."
sanetwin profile - diary
amazinfuckup profile - diary
comments: "Ms. Nazi Fascist Whore raped the concept of learning. Anally. Over and over again while its mother looked on in horror. "
tracey-face profile - diary
writergrrl88 profile - diary

My favorite music:

comments: Gorgeous and good music...bravo
Avril Lavigne
comments: Can relate to her lyrics
Ashlee Simpson
comments: Same as above
Kayne West
comments: not the same as every other rapper...
Christina Aguilera
comments: an amazing individual

My favorite movies:

comments: we've all been there
Pulp Fiction
comments: never would have even seen this if it wasn't for the recommendation...so now you watch it!
comments: love this version of Othello...it shows to the extreme what jealousy can make a person do
Feast of All Saints
comments: can't even explain it...
comments: Angelina Jolie does an amazing job in this role

My favorite authors:

Alice Sebold
comments: Her books "Lucky" and "The Lovely Bones" hit me at the core
Marya Hornbacher
comments: an amazing insight into eating disorders
Anne Rice
comments: no one can do vampire books better than her
Michael Datcher
comments: just read it...
Francesca Lia Block
comments: writes like no one else can

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