The summer of 2004

If you are here and reading this, you have found the record of my life for the summer of 2004. It contains a lot of stuff about what made me, and is making me, the man I will be for the rest of my life. It was hard, and writing here helped me. But I don't need this anymore. If you feel like reading it, enjoy.

My favorite diaries:

grumpystar profile - diary
comments: The reason I have (had) a diary, I stumbled into hers and found inspiration...
themarassa profile - diary
comments: A real person with realistic trials and tribulations, and a positive attitude to boot. She's Canadian, but I don't hold it against her...
thalakos84 profile - diary
comments: My friend Dane, a gentleman(?) and a scholar. He has vowed to never update again. Obviously, he was full of shit.
dont-stop profile - diary
comments: A hot blonde who hates oatmeal and tofu. She also keeps (kept) us up to date on talk-show guests, a day in advance.
bornhabits profile - diary
comments: A girl in love... Occasionally I like to smile, too.
celestial31 profile - diary
comments: Really beautiful, rich writing. To a certain type of reader, irresistable.
towandasgost profile - diary
comments: My eldest sister.
wonderfilled profile - diary
comments: A very good friend of mine, she writes what she feels.
crateobscure profile - diary
comments: A delightfully droll man who is working for an online dating firm. He is a very entertaining read.
eye-of-ra profile - diary
comments: Trcia's diary.
iloveerirn profile - diary
comments: wonderfilled's boyfriend.

My favorite music:

The Offspring
comments: Many people complain that all of their songs sound alike, but they all mean something different. "Blackball, the new disease, Blackball, the new disease. Your evil ways have found their way inside inside me..."
comments: They almost remind me of the Presidents, but with a slightly less silly taste to them."You can be an Austrian nobleman, commissioning a symphony in C..."
Presidents of the United States of America
comments: This is talent expressed in the very best way possible. "You seem cool for a naked chick in a booth. Let's be pals someday..."
Flogging Molly
comments: It almost makes one wish he were Irish. "Yeah next time out to sea, bring enough soil to bury me, for I don't want me final jig in the belly of a squid!"
The Smashing Pumpkins
comments: ...though Zwan sucks. "Oh, Lily, I know you love me. 'Cause as they're dragging me away, I swear I saw her raise her hand and wave... good-bye."

My favorite movies:

American Beauty
comments: Understanding gained from a movie is pathetic, I know, but life can be so... beautiful.
What Dreams May Come
comments: "I forgive you... for being so wonderful that a guy would choose hell over heaven just to be near you." Robin Williams' finest work.
Waking Life
comments: If you have not seen this movie, SEE IT. It is incredible. If you don't have a fast enough connection to download it, I would be willing to mail it to spread it's message.
Grave of the Fireflies
comments: Unchallenged as the saddest movie I have ever seen, but I would still recommend it to everyone I know.
Mulholland Dr.
comments: Can anyone tell me where that blue box came from, or why the tiny old people came out of the paper bag?

My favorite authors:

Terry Brooks
comments: The man has an excellent vocabulary and a pleasant flow in his writings. His books pull you in and hold you there.
R. A. Salvatore
comments: He wrote some good stuff for the Forgotten Realms series. Make fun if you will , but the books are awesome.
Michael Crichton
comments: On top of his talent as an author, he also does the research on exciting emerging technologies to weave some pretty hard-edged enthralling stories.
Issac Asimov
comments: He is probably spinning in his grave at this whole "I, Robot" movie nonsense.
George Orwell
comments: "...he loved Big Brother."

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