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from son-souvenir :
good to know you're alive!
from hippieheart :
check, check, double check, triple, check, check. I am alive!!!
from son-souvenir :
yeh! uoy dluohs etirw no ereh erom netfo. left to right's fun, my bro's boomin internet radio, I'm off to lead out grayhounds for my racing job tonight. keep well. Not much else, except i'm back to poorland in february, and quite intently settling in N.Orleans in April, ...
from son-souvenir :
same game ain't a shame in no name egypt this is mo bile, al where i stay happless holly day to you to you to you!
from hippieheart :
Hey ya! It seems I am unable to send you a note, via your diary, so I hope you check back in with mine at some point and see this note. It's great to hear from you. My life has taken on a dramatic change...I've settled down quite a bit! :) But I wouldn't change a thing and I love where life has taken me. Hope all is well with you, too.
from sunpowered :
Sending you huge huge love from Texas. I used to write under "Nicole Price" and jotted a note or two to you back in 2002. Just wanted to say hello, congratulations, and muchas love. Your presence is deeply missed in Diaryland. Hope the mood strikes more often for you to update. Much love!
from tarkis :
I am so happy for you...
from candoor :
we all should have a hippie heart :)
from tarkis :
No.. we don't know each other but I just came across you and whatever you had written on the day I found you.. touched if kindred spirits or connected on a different level. Thank you for your encouraging words... staying focused on what will be without anger at what has been will get me there.
from hippieheart :
No, not a co-worker. I'm in Houston.
from son-souvenir :
you seem like a coworker of mine. And hippies -use the back door-- I'm wondering where you live ? and if you're a writer. I am a poet. Moved to Portland, OR recently. AND how does sone just stumble across a diary, and what is the meaning of life, and who goes there?
from crimson13 :
oh, i think i love you! wont you write mean e-mail? [email protected]
from hippieheart :
Commander, I'm off to Florida...back on Thursday. Gotta run. Need to pack, dress and get to the airport. Life is fucking beautiful. I'm a grandcatmom - my cat had three kittens! More later....
from nicoleprice :
"USS Hippieheart: this is Commander Melissa of the USS Nicole Price. Please give your coordinates and advise us on your current status. Over?" ... :0) tee hee hee
from nicoleprice :
Yay Pixie! Hooray for you!! Enjoy, my dear!!
from nicoleprice :
Damn right. People only treat you the way you let them treat you. I am trying to learn the same lesson. Stand your ground no matter what. Either there is respect, or there is nothing. Be strong, Sister. I am sending you good energy. Love & Light to you, Girl.
from nicoleprice :
Hi Shweets. You must be travelling. Be safe & well. Hope to talk to you soon.
from nicoleprice :
Hi dear sweet gorgeous spirit! Whacha doin'? Workin' and kickin' ayass, I presume. Note me when you get the chance to. Luv.
from invisibledon :
I know how odd is that, the results of mine are fairly close as well
from invisibledon :
someone mentioned that I should read you
from invisibledon :
Hey what up wild child
from deadendmoon :
i don't know you, you don't know me, but i loved your poem. :-) -chelsea
from nicoleprice :
DEFINITELY INTERESTED!! I'm at work and can't freely write right now, but I'll email you this afternoon. I LOVE your brain! Have a great day, and I'll talk to ya later. -Melissa
from jimmybob11 :
Welcome to the wonderful world of sleep deprivation. Sorry I'm just talking out of rear and I stumbled across you're name...I'm a hippy and your name advertises hippys so I was like hippy heaven. Anyways I'm lost.
from crapmaster :
you have good taste. well done.
from espejisma :
Hi there, If you would be so kind as to read my journal entry for today, you will see how incredible it is that I stumbled upon your diary just now *smiles*. Life really can be a beautiful and giving thing when you need it to be. I also invite you to read as much of my diary as you like, particularly the earlier entries as I feel they will resonate with you quite nicely. I'd love to be in touch; if you feel the urge, either sign my guestbook or write me at [email protected] Nemaste, espejisma (username = soul, password = hello)
from starskie :
hiya! i love all things groovy & hippie people! come visit my hippie place :=)
from loverains :
i told you i'd be back ;)! i'm sorry you're having troubles with the man with whom you seem to share such a wonderful connection... and sex. hope it all works out. hugs!
from soulsurvivor :
i have a hippie heart too :)
from loverains :
you seem to have a quite interesting life. very different from mine nowadays... would you mind if i passed by again some time?
from hippypoet :
hey just going through random diaries... your's was quite interesting. my god I'm jealous of your sex life!!! just wanted to let you know. peace

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