A Valentine

It could be said that this is a recording of my memories,

lost in time, abandoned by the brain. I no longer remember

events, not after flipping the car in Idaho, on that dark night.

Rather, now, onward, I feel memories,

on an emotional canvas, and in this journal

I cry my blackened heart out, writing to some lover

that doesn't exist, not in the past, nor in the future.

Dear reader, let's agree that I'm writing to you,

and that I am that dark night that overtook me

on that lost highway, or I am that teenager, back then,

crawling from the wreckage, still alive, though in a blur,

then and now seeking clarity and unspeakable light

of a 'new day' or whatever concept that comes next.

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

comments: .. once I get a c.d. of theirs. Thank you Ronan for introducing me to them.
The Doors
comments: "I need someone, that doesn't need me."
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My favorite movies:

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My favorite authors:

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comments: "If memory serves me well, my heart used to be an open feast..."
Sylvia Plath
comments: Her biography in poetry
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Pabongka Rinpoche
comments: --Liberation in the Palm of Your Hand---

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