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from eruannath :
Woohoo!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! *sings* I hope this day was great for you and generally the whole week! You know, there is a birthday week... :P I have a present for you!!! Here it is: I guess that from the link you can guess what it is ;) I hope you like it! I haven't seen the movie (yet) but Mr. Firth is always soooo delectable :P HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! *hugs*
from eruannath :
Hey! Just dropping by to leave some random comments. I've noticed you like Conan O'Brien... did you, by any chance, watched that old (well, not THAT old) snl episode with him as a host?? I saw a long time ago and it was HILARIOUS!! He did an impersonation of "bald Fred" from this band Right Said Fred... (I'm too sexy for this court) LMAO! And he also played this rare superhero called THE MOLECULAR MAAAAN... EL HOMBRE DE LAS MOLECULAAAAS lol :P
from puremudblood :
wow we seem to be amazingly into the same things :D just thought I'd say hi. Do you write fanfictions by any chance? I do, here's the link to my fanfic page:
from bandontherun :
WOW! I love the Samwise template. I'm assuming you made it, and it's GREAT!
from evermind :
Well please do stop by good ol' D-land once in a while to say hullo, but if you don't it was very nice to make your aquantence, and I wish you the best!
from balletbunny :
hi. i was randomly looking at peoples diaries and i clicked yours. i too am obsessed with LOTR. so are my 3 best buds. my fav character is sam because truthfully i think if frodo didn't have sam he would have been long gone. sam is the true hero. and ur right with the merry-pippin diaryring. they r overlooked. i was about to cry when they were seperated. n e who. just tllin you that and that i joined the merry-pippin ring. by th by i like ur page! ~sum1 new
from pookizegreat :
Eee. I was just randomly browsing diaries and I came across yours and I was just listening to Into the West ... sigh. That song makes me cry. Anyways. Go you. /pointless and random
from albinoqueen :
Have a very Merry Christmas Anya! I love ya Sis! *hugs*
from ladypheebs :
you know, thanks for putting putting up the lyrics, even though i just yelled at you for it. bye, luv!
from piecesof8 :
Hi there, this is Pieces of Eight, a new fanlisting for avid Pirates of the Caribbean fans. Would you care to join? Please check it out!
from faith-n-you :
Hi. I'm a freshman, and I am a new LOTR fan. I loved the pic of Frodo and Sam on your diary and it made me want to cry. I added u on my favorites, cuz I like ur diary. -Faith-n-You
from ladypheebs :
hullo luvie! have a nice day, night, and year. SENIORS RULE! (We had our first pep rally today, and it was so nice to be the seniors.)
from evermind :
Yikes! Very very scary, so sorry it happened to you! Much love dear.
from hobbitmuser :
Dear Sisters, this is Taya, reminding you to get TTT right now!!! *squees with excitement* Love you all like Pippin loves his pint... ~Taya
from laurelote :
'allo, Anya dearest! Thanks for joining my (Captain!) Jack Sparrow diaryring, mate! :-)
from evilringzrok :
nice template. i just saw the movie yesterday (dont mind me, im just in your diaryring)
from born-n-sin :
mothers are interesting people
from missused :
Thank you for joining the Shawn Ashmore diaryring!
from laurelote :
Hi Anya! Thanks for joining my Will Turner diaryring! :-)
from peachiegemz :
Oh, yes. I know what you mean about the Tuck Everlasting music. I too have the soundtrack. *sigh*
from ind2006 :
Happy 4th of July!!!
from haeharmaiel :
Just a note to say "Hi" and to tell you that I *adore* your layout! I'm a huge LotR fan, and love Frodo and Sam to bits. I really like your diary.
from dana-elayne :
I love reading Jane Eyre. It is simply one of my favorite books. I hope that you like it also. Movies. Movies. Movies. I've watched quite a few myself since school has been out: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Shakespeare in Love, Anne of Green Gables, and a couple more. Enjoy your summer :)
from dernhelm :
Wow, you definitely aced psychology! That reminds me of our midterm... the average grade was in the 70's, and I got a 93, so my friends were yelling at me for "ruining the curve"! ;) And as for Harvard and Yale... meh. I don't think your college should define you. I think you get out of college what you put into it.
from eruannath :
Grr... I couldn't add a note in your guestbook. Anyway, I'm glad you liked my new layout! Thanks! So you saw Contact too? Isn't it great? You should consider reading the book, yes. It's a wonderful book. Btw, I plan to read Harry Potter too now, just have to find the time, and buy the books :D
from hiccup588 :
I'm just as obessed as you are, and my sister is, too. It's wicked to see someone love it as much as me (actually I have an obession for Haldir and the actor). Is'nt it bloody brilliant?! ~my hobbit name: Orangeblossom Gamgee-Took of Bywater or Celebrian
from evermind :
TAG! Ok, now I understand! Whoops, off to fix... THANK YOU!!! Cheers (tig)
from evermind :
Hey, g-book won't let me sign again fast. There are two t's I would up load it myself, but I can't save the picture untill it stops misbehaving. humph, cute kid, swinging legs, awwwww :D Cheers!
from sarahba :
Heya. I came across your diary on a web-ring. It's very nice. I see that you have a slight obsession with LOTR! Viggo is building a house within walking distance from my best friends house. Its very exciting! Other friends has met him. I don't know why I randomly shared that with you! haha bye
from rockchild16 :
Love ur new layout! *is very slow*
from jadedmist :
Oh, welcome to the mini-me ring, too! Didn't realize you were the same person, haha... =/
from jadedmist :
Welcome, preciouss, to the smeagol ring. And double thanks for actually putting up the code *gasp* =)
from captivated- :
You GB hates me =\ anyway just coming o say hi, I don't sign as much as I shoul =\
from hobbitmuser :
good evening Anya. i like this layout too...what a darling elijah is. But came to tell you how great that picture of gollum in laras dress is! *giggles at frightening rate* must post on lotr sisters! must post! Oh well, have a nice evening! ~Taya
from mylifeat15 :
happy valentine's day sister - hugs from Elin
from hobbit-grl :
hi i was just browsing and found a fellow LOTR luver an thought id say hi. i love hobbits too (especially frodo/ELIJAH WOOD!!!!!!)
from ladyofgondor :
I think we must be twins. If I didn't ask for (or own) at least half the stuff on your Christmas list (and get a good deal of it!) then my mine must be going out the window. But really! We MUST be twins or something. Because it snowed Christmas eve where I live, too. Are you SURE you aren't my hobbit twin?
from hobbitmuser :
merry Christmas! i wish you merriment and much hobbiday cheer, from one lotrsister to another. *God bless us, everyone* ~Taya
from eruannath :
Monty Python and the Holy Grail is now one of my favorite movies! Think I'll see it again today :P
from eruannath :
Oh my! You have added my diary to your list of favorites! *sob* Thank you so much!! I will do the same thing right now!! :)
from hobbitmuser :
SQUEE!!!!!i love this layout too! anybody who doesnt cry when Frodo turns annd has a large tear dripping down his face is heartless! I love it! ~Taya
from dernhelm :
SQUEE! Where did you download all those songs and everything? *is insanely jealous* I want to further LOTRize my computer! :D
from azn-baby :
omg!! I LUV the new TTT bookmarks by new line cinema! I dedicated an entry to that too's a few days back. They don't have Merry & Pippin though =(
from dernhelm :
hello again! just saw that you joined the Eowyn ring -- good for you! yay! thank you! oh, she is so awesome. and so are you for joining! :)
from marichristms :
Hello, I just was looking around at the diaryrings, and I saw one for Rivendell, and I thought it might have to do with LOTR, so I looked at it, and I saw a couple of people were in it, and I just wanted to say I think you are cool. Have you heard about the languages that J.R.R. Tolken created? I can speak a word or two of Sindarin. Feel free to leave me a message. Peace. �
from ivyvalentine :
Mae Govanenn ~Smiles and hugs~Welcome to The SisterShip of the ring! I am one of the founders and people you can haras if you have questions so check out the lotr sisters open dairy! It's linked from my profile! Enjoy yourself!
from spunky-wunky :
Welcome to the sisterhood! Great taste in music, movies, and such by the way! Are you my clone? LOL! *HUGS*
from manchichi :
thank you for joining the Viggo diaryring!
from aviclark :
Hey again, and welcome to the LOTR sisterhood! Be sure to check out the diary at! And hi to a fellow Illinoisian--I'm a Chicago native myself. :D
from aviclark :
Thanks for joining the Aragorn and Boromir diaryrings! :)
from phoenixtease :
Thanks for joining the kittiekat diaryring :o)
from ravenheart :
Thank you for joining my Frodo ring, you are welcome!
from misstrish :
Thanks for joining the netjunkie diaryring :o)
from few :
thanks for joining the ireland diaryring! have you ever been? it's *beautiful*.
from forleafclovr :
Welcome to the Whose Line ring and thanks for joining!
from legolas2931 :
Thanks for stickin me on ur favorites list. :)
from goth-angel :
Hello! I found your diary while browsing diaryland. You like what I like! LotR, Moulin Rouge... You are cool. Definatley. And I love your diary name. Hobbity. SQUEE! Come and visit my diary sometime!
from legolas2931 :
How ironic!I like your favorites too!
from clarinerd :
Hey! We have a lot in common! And thanks for joining the middle-earth diaryring!! ~*O*~Amy
from whoselinefan :
and of course the lord of the rings series as well
from whoselinefan :
hi! i also love the princess diaries series.

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