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from sheblogs :
username: imapenguin pw: lover
from dillon172005 :
hey I just joined this ring thats all
from jane-does :
I tried to email you, but got it returned as "undeliverable." Is there somewhere else I can send the password info? Thanks for the note.
from sakunelaj02 :
hey i just changed my template so I don't know where to put the tabs for the diaryring at..if you could help much appreciated..
from miagoddess :
thanks for the nice message :) im very excited...and i hope everything goes well with your pregnancy. good luck
from frozen-angel :
its goood and bad being preggo on new years eve. bad - no drinking dancing and wild reverie. good - you have an excuse to hole up at home because "gosh, i can't drink or be around smoke or be around drunken people" have a great one!
from theanswer- :
want answers?
from stickyvicki :
Hey Ilona, well I have a reccomened read for you. Acctually, a few. First there is Keely (cleverkitten) - she is the most interesting person I know and by far one of my favorite diaries. Then there is Beth (underpanties, but ask for the password to delicious07) - she has a really facinating life and her diaries are most of the time hilarious or they make you think. Lastly, is Ella (trendless101) - her diary is THE best! Her entries always make you think, and she writes this awesome poetry too. You have to at least check out some of these diaries. They can most definatley keep you entertained.
from idiotreviews :
Like having your diary reviewed? Check out Idiot Reviews!
from kimmeh18 :
Hiya, i'm 18 and pregnant with my first, i thought i'd invite you along to my msn community if your interested in joining here the link
from groban83 :
Your layout is really cute you got a great diary!
from ifearmyself9 :
I'd like to read your diary sometime. [email protected] is the Email
from htmlclinic :
Hope this helps!
from icy-tears :
password please??
from ktdream :
Hi, my name is Kathy and I wanted to say I like your guestbook layout. Did you make it yourself? The kiss me part is a great font. Can you tell me the name of it? It looks so familiar but I forgot what it's called. Anyway the reason I'm signing is because I linked the page 337 questions as a favorite so that I could fill it out later but now it seems you've locked your site so if possible do you think you could tell me the username/password combo? [Just send it to me through email -- [email protected]] I promise I won't tell anyone and you can give me one of my own then delete it after I tell you I've seen the page again. or if you don't want to at all, could you copy and paste your 337 questions and send it to me? I'd really appreciate it because I was looking forward to filling it out with my answers. When I put it in my diary, I'll link your site because that's where I got it from. Please get back to me soon.
from stickyvicki :
lmao... no Ilona, I wish I could be that beautiful though :) That's Kelly Osborne. I love her :)
from stickyvicki :
lmao... no Ilona, I wish I could be that beautiful though :) That's Kelly Osborne. I love her :)
from mommymartin :
uggh dont you hate ants?? we get them here too. in our old microwave they couldnt get in to it so i kept non fridge foods in there like a burger i was gonna eat or somethign liek that. i always put the left over pizza in the cold over so it was safe too. HA well the ants can some how get in to the oven now cuz the last time we had pizza and i put it in there and went back to it that evening it was covered in ants! yuck! and the new microwave! i had jamies donut holes in there to keep them safe. i opened the mocrowave to get him one for a sanck and the normall white inside of the microwave was black *gag* and my kitchen is extremely clean. they annoy the heck out of me. i have found that hot shot for ants is safe to use in the kitchen and works pretty good! you shoudl check it out!! ok sorry this got so long!!!
from stickyvicki :
Yep it is a good word and I love it :D Thanks so much Ilona :) I'm one happy camper. Yes, I insist we catch up on MSN some time :P Talk later!
from stickyvicki :
GIVE ME A PASSWORD ILONA!! I have to catch up on your latest stories, girl!! Thanks again for everything!! ~Vicki
from mommymartin :
yea what is with the baby fever lately????
from mommymartin :
hey sorry about that hee hee you cleaned off your favs list and yuou left me so i was happy LOL well if i dont feel like the bigest dork just goes to show i shouldnt leave notes at 3 am LOL!
from stickyvicki :
Aww thanks so much Ilona, it really does look better! :)
from mommymartin :
wooo you left me!!!!! woo wooo!!!
from troubledgurl :
Sorry, I fixed my links page! and yes the code is up. Ok thanks for telling me my page was broken, or else i never would have known. I love your layout. and dark chocolate. Ok later.
from lilgymnast88 :
Hey ilona. I'm sorry, i didn't get your note until today =o/ My username is guest and my password is ashton04 .
from symmira :
I love the pictures of the balloons tied to your hair! And the one with Triston & Pat playing their guitars is the sweetest thing. Take care girl.
from foxgirl0925 :
Thanks for the text message! :)
from foxgirl0925 :
I love your diary!! I love scrapbooking too - I'm just getting into it though.
from jettemarie :
Take the 405 South (if you're north of LA) and get off on Sherman Way/Reseda. Turn left off of the exit, and right onto Sherman way. Then turn left onto White Oak, and right onto Vanowen. Go down Vanowen for a little bit, and that's where Las Fuentes is. Yep. And if you're coming from a different direction, call them. Las Fuentes in Reseda. *hug*
from stickyvicki :
lol thanks ilona :) what you said about the Kool-Aid was right, so we're changing that to lemonade or something more healthy. but the story-time thing is staying because the library we have here isn't that good and i dont think it offers that, plus, its kinda far away :) but thanks for taking time to leave the note. your help is appriciated :)
from angie6913 :
i just thought it was really cute how u have a diary to record all the cute and funny things ur son does. He's really adorable.
from stickyvicki :
Ha ha, no prob. I think your son is SO cute, although the picture didn't turn out very well :| well, bye!
from vicki-views :
Your review is up :)
from betterthnu :
Hi, your review is up at Better Than You Reviews! The link is Have a good day!
from azn-baby :
thanks for the link to the neat calender script! And yeah the text really sucks on my layout, I'll have to find out a way to change the opacity or something. Toodles~!
from azn-baby :
Hey~ thanks for stopping by my diary. I like the little calendar thing you have, is it some kind of javascript? Anyway just thought I would stop by and leave a note, hope you're having a great summer =)
from bluntviews :
Your review from Blunt Views is up. The link is
from sweetreviews :
Ok.. it's really 719. I'm dyslexic tonight. =)
from sweetreviews :
Just wanted to stop by and let you know your review is up @ Sweet Reviews. It can be found here: ( =)
from lizzles :
you scrapbook! that's too cool, I've always wanted to do that. You diary is awesome;-)
from ahreviews :
Your review is up at After Hours Reviews.
from mellowmeout :
I am feeling much better now. I can give you a couple of suggestions. The shark exhibit at the Mandalay Bay is awesome and doesn't cost much. And the Secret Garden at the Mirage. Gotta go! ~chele
from mellowmeout :
The matrix was a really good movie. Better than I ever expected. The plot was a little dull but the action scenes were great. If you go see it my favorite part was teh first fight between Neo and all the Smith guys. Of course you can copy my about me page. I copied it from someone else and added a couple things to it. Well I am outta here! ~Chele
from mellowmeout :
I like you new layout. I put up a new on today too. How funny! Well hope you are having a good night! Talk to you later babe.
from mellowmeout :
what image exactly are you talking about?
from mellowmeout :
I don't have a gold membership. I think it would be worth it for the simple fact of making those banners to attract people to your diary. I guess I would get one if I had money. Anyways I am outta here. ~Chele
from mellowmeout :
How cute! I didn't realize you had a diary for your son. What a cute idea. I may steal it from you for my daughter. That would be neat for them to read later down the line. Anyways, lots of love<3 ~Chele
from mellowmeout :
This must be the first angry entry I have read of yours. I don't know really whats going on with you but I hope you get through it. Life is hard. I am going through hard times too. It all will eventually get better. Shit will blow over. You will one day realize what you do in life. I just barely found out myself. I haven't completely found out though. Cheer up babe. If you need someone to talk to email me or leave me a note. ~Chele <3
from mellowmeout :
You should definetly come to Vegas. It's a blast for people that aren't from here. I was born and raised here and I still find it fun. The adult's playground as they say. Well anyway... I like you Island in the Sun template. That is one of my fave songs by Weezer and I almost put that on my diary. Have fun and lots of love ~Chele
from mellowmeout :
Yah I am definetly going to be careful on my quest to find a roommate. Thanks for looking out for me. Your new template looks great! Talk to you later yo! ~Rachele <3

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