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from la-blue-eyez :
I just added you on myspace if you're wondering who the hell that was. lol
from candoor :
because you are beautiful :)
from la-blue-eyez :
I hope you have a merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year!
from morticon :
"when it comes to making other people lives easier, I sleep better. An no matter how hard I try, I can't do it for myself." Amen to this, love. I have the very same case.
from komnsense :
Please get a clue sweetheart! If a man is ignoring you it really just means one thing need to move on, they have, and so should you. What a concept? It's sad that women get so obsessed with another person and then act like they are victims when that person does not respond in the way they want them to. Why are you so blind to see the clues. If they don't answer your calls, if their excuse is always "I've just been so busy", and if they just want to be friends, or can't get into a relationship, it really means that they are not into you, they are into someone else, but can't tell you because they are cowardly men and they want to spare your fragile little feelings, and maybe even keep you as a spare on their backburner. As a woman, you deserve better than that. You need to work on your self esteem and stop depending on men for you happiness. This will take you farther in life than running after a man like a lost puppy. Men do not find Needy/dramatic women attractive. Also...from reading your diaries it seems that you fall in love way too quickly. You are addicted to the feeling of being in love with someone, it's new and exciting, and you mistake infatuation and any attention you might get from a man as LOVE. This is good advice for any woman. The relationship that has gotten you so unhappy and has driven you to the madness you describe in your diary will not go anywhere, it is a waste of you time and supposed love you profess for this man that you've only known for a short time. If you are depressed seek some help, but do not obsess over a rebound relationship, he does not love you, please believe that!
from little-babe :
hey...sounds like you aren't having a good life. stand tall and go far and beyond. if you want the gold at the end of the rainbow you have to go throgh the RAIn......remember that chelz
from cbuk :
Hey, it's Leila (frail-fairy) I wasn't here for a while, but I am back now and this is my new journal - Hope to hear from you soon babe! L xx
from little-babe :
happy 24th birthday. sorry i am late. long time so talk...hope your birthday goes how you plan... chelz
from hannahlore :
Happy almost Birthday. I probably won't remember 12 days, so i'm well-wishing you right now. *bows* -Starr
from waspman :
Hi, just thought I'd drop you a note, since I found your diary, and would like to congratulate you, not that that is the correct word, i guess, but let you know that I think you have a very involving, thought provoking diary. Seriously hope that your good whirlwind of change continues!
from adugan :
just stumbled onto your diary. love the layout. you can really write. p.s.- i hate working for walmart too.
from xbeeyatchx :
from candoor :
I send a hug and hope you realize how much is inside of you and how much you deserve and that you find the patience and strength to wait for that person who appreciates all of you (it's not easy, I know, I'm still waiting)...
from little-babe :
I am sorry. I know how you feel. I thought I knew my ex-boyfriend and he is acting like this to me telling me he loves me more then anything in the world and wants to be with me but he can't and I don't get it. I am only 17 and that is pretty bad. I don't know how old you are but it sounds like you are having a really bad time and I am trying to do what you are doing. Take it one day at a time but it is hard because you thought you were going to be with him for a long time and then he saids this shit. I think that is messes up and they don't want they want until they can't have it anymore..My ex also want to be friends with benifits and I don't think I could do that because what we went thought but he said it wouldn't be hard and it makes me think that I meant nothing to him. It sucks!! Hope to talk to you more. My name is Chelsea by the way. Stop by mine some time. What is your name? BYe
from barbiewoman :
I just stopped by here today and read some of your entries! I like your diary! I'm gonna add you- If you want my password e-mail me at [email protected]. I had stupid guys and dumb bitches I knew reading my diary so I had to lock it up. The best and most truthful saying that comes to mind when I read your entries was: "This too shall pass". And it will hun. Just know that it will.
from artemisia436 :
good to see you bouncing back! i am so glad you didn't let yourself get sucked into the trap of denial. it's awesome that you can realize what you need to do, and use this opportunity to better yourself. ~artemis
from f-i-n :
from morticon :
I'm so sorry about what's happened to you. Perhaps thegenerator can explain why they're calling you nasty names once they learn to spell correctly. We're with you jadedhopes. Good Day.
from artemisia436 :
i'm so sorry to hear about that... *hugs* ~artemis
from nairevlis :
I'm sorry Ally. I've been there, and kinda going through that (again) myself right now. If you need to talk you can always message me. :)
from candoor :
wishing you smiles, no matter what :)
from thegenerator :
n00b! wannabe! poseur! eat peeee
from auto-da-fe :
from wolfi3 :
Love ur layout hun - sorry had to pop in and say it lol - I'm Li :)
from herdarlinsin :
City.. state, whatever. Some people should learn that if they can't say something nice to someone to just keep their mouths shut. And sadly, I know that girl. Ugh. Anyway, I just wanted to say Hello. I haven't read your diary since I had Velvet-heart. And plus, I wanted to Hello to you, so "Hello"
from fan4 :
Seattle is a city. not a state.
from morticon :
Yes, this is a wonderful diary, quite wonderful, my goth, you hate everything I hate. Need another favorite diary, I add you, kk?
from iwontellthem :
it's really interesting to hear about your trip to seattle, because i live there. so seeing it from the poit of view of someone who's visiting was cool. and the troll under the bridge is pretty cool. that whole neighborhood (fremont) is really cool...i love seattle...
from darkenedhell :
hey just a random person going through. glad you had a nice trip and all. well talk to ya laters! --KiTTy
from la-blue-eyez :
Have a wonderful trip!!!
from subversely :
About the "No Iraq Draft" : Bush promises there will be no draft. The only person to even try to pass a bill reinstating the draft, was a black Democrat (I don't know if he was a Sentor or a Representative). Make sure you pass that bit of information to all the people in the "No Iraq Draft Movement"! Thanks!
from anexperiment :
Hi, I read your entry in my guestbook. Thanks for the advice. However, life is a bit more complicated than just "loving yourself," especially when you are neuro-chemically prevented from doing so. Best wishes, -Experiment
from subversely :
I stumbled on your journal thanks to one of your advertisements. Your journal is kinda cool. I've only read a handful of your entries, I plan to read a few more to see if I like it anymore!
from dissimilar :
from la-blue-eyez :
Hey girl! You can access my diary with the username ninja and the password turtle.
from oceans-depth :
I think your Lovely. xoxo Deja
from soleille :
I know who you are Stef! I emailed you like 2 weeks ago, right after you put me in your I went to your diary and then I emailed you. :) I will have fun in Orlando, and no sunblock...I want to get all nice and tan. :)
from z0tl :
* click here * - this is z0tl's poor man's banner. i am a link whore, won't you add me to your fave list for no reason? god bless the galapagos! :z
from leggyblond :
so i clicked on your new banner and read the stuff, it sounds cool. have a look at mine if you've got five minutes, well. maybe make that ten (sometimes i write a lot)

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