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from neeeeek :
hey, take it cool, it's just life... the usual stuff that happens to every niggah... you and me and everyone. <br><br>!viva la vida!<br><br>*smile*
from dalyrical1 :
kill a bottle of liquor'll make you feel better. *grin* at least for a little while
from dalyrical1 :
kill a bottle of liquor'll make you feel better. *grin* at least for a little while
from dalyrical1 :
it is so odd that you used that line at the end of your note, because the emails jenny and i sent back and forth originated on THAT exact email chain you quoted!!! i know i need to distance myself, and i will. i can not keep chasing after love...especially not from friends. she has her own life and i have mine and apparently, we have different ideas about what is more important. i am sorry you had to go through such a horrible thing with your friend. she was such a bitch to do it the way she did. no one should get treated like that. i mean, if a friendship is over, it's just over, but at east have enough respect to tell the other person! i really don't understand people sometimes, i really don't. i love her like a sister, and though she's fucked up, i think she feels (felt?) the same way towards me. i dont know, like i said, i wrote the email and i'm not dealing with her anymore. i doubt that she will write me back anyway:( she sucks at confrontation. anyway, thank you so much for the kind words and i will keep them in mind when this gets worse (which it always gets worse before it gets better) again, thank you for taking the time to tell me your story. i wish you love.
from kristintracy :
just for the record: i say it all with a satanic smirk
from yankeepoet :
I sure do have a way with the ladies... welcome aboard the d-land crazy train!

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