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from free2dream :
I found out from you first, that Christopher Reeves passed sad...
from free2dream :
Awesome....I remember this episode VERY MUCH and I love this entry!
from free2dream :
I love your entries....I'm a fan of Smallville and I love the Lex diary thing you're doing! Awesome.
from anisettekiss :
By thway, I think you should create an all Lex survey. Let me know if and when you do. XOXO
from anisettekiss :
Have you ever checked out that movie called Sorority Boys?? I think you would enjoy it.
from godmoney :
cool beans. happy ny, indeed.
from darkcity :
Love the diary, the layout, the entries. Happy new year xx
from sourballs123 :
i red ur diray cool i guess i entered the mind of luthor wateva
from banshee-rose :
With your diary I just don't have to watch the show lol
from elvenqueen00 :
Oh my gosh! I love this diary! I am such a smallville fan. I watch it every week. Anyway Good work on the diary! My favorite character is Lana. Though I think Lex is the coolest too!!! -ElvenQueen
from banshee-rose :
Great site.
from licalicious :
Let's speed things up a little... Did you know that Clark is an ALIEN??? heh spilled the beans, now let's see what happens now that you know he LIED to you... Just promise to let my voyeuristic side see Lana and Clark go at it before you do anything rash, Lex. We all want to see Clark get busy.... You know, he has superhuman powers! By-the-way, sexy, We all want to see you get busy, too...
from bestreads :
Congratulations, you've been nominated as a best read!
from ohbollocks :
Either you are crazy, or you're writing some really great fanfiction-esque diary.
from injoyhope :
I was reading your diary and I wasn't quite sure of your perspective, do you think you are in smallville or are just a big fan. You are intreging to me and I can't stop wondering. XoXoXo Hope.
from freaksdomain :
What the? Hey are you the one coming up with this stuff or did you get if from the show? Really would like to know. Leave me a note if you could. They are really tight entries!!!:P
from sacredwhore :
hmmm. I don't read your diary often. But if I was supposed to be in someones wedding and they called me acting strange and then I found out my tuxedo fitting was cancled, I wouldn't have gone either.
from klcroft :
What in the hell?
from kuri-chan :
it took me a while to work it out it was super man...unless it isn't and I'm warped.
from naturebabe :
uhm...yes...quite so...yes
from aerischan86 :
Oi Lex! What's up? Sorry. Having an uber-bad day. Just thought I'd leave you another note since you're stuck with me... tee hee. Later. ^_^
from deeqa :
WOW! I was blasted away by your first 2 entries, How the hell do you do that, you captured everything oing on in the man's head to the best detail. (I did not realise he was such a psycho till now)
from xmoon-childx :
*ponders* Its really not right that I found your diary at 2 AM the night before I have to pull a 8 hour shift and had to read it *all* its addictive though.
from shiloh26 :
Interesting predicament on your jet there, but I'm sure you'll get out of it. Am quite interested in how you do.
from aerischan86 :
Wuahaha! You left me a note! Now, you are stuck with me. *grin* Didn't mean any offense by the way. I just didn't expect you to have a "journal" for all your little fan-girls to read. ^_^
from vadergirl :
You are bald and beautiful! ^_^ Meep!
from aerischan86 :
Booyah. Didn't know YOU, of all people, had a diary. Did I mention "booyah"? Check out my diary if you've got time. Careful with Helen. She seems to have her own agenda...
from frozen-kiss :
Yikes, sorry about that! I fixed it :)
from eranajz :
I got the fax, and I'm working on it. Perhaps I'd have more time to update my own diary if I wasn't so busy perfecting yours all the time. :) Love, Erana
from kissmygritts :
I like the show smallvill but the banner got was like...that's curious. So I clicked it. Anyway, nice lay out with the html. Let me know if you need help with something like Java or C++.
from disturbed1- :
did you read my diary?
from disturbed1- :
I dont really think you are him...but thats ok your still ok.
from i-dreamalone :
I do really enjoy reading your diary. My, well other half, he really is into Smallville and his favorite character is Lex. I don't get to watch the actual show much because I don't have cable, but I do enjoy reading this, it seems to be helping me understand the whole situation... Thank you.
from mesilly :
ru the real lex or just a fan???
from disturbed1- :
r u on Smallville? Or are you just a fan? see ya <3 Pauletta
from shawntasy :
oooh this is quite clever!!
from lavalampcity :
hi whats site...i am patw-21
from quitenasty :
Looking for a review?
from ailenroh :
Hey! I'm a big Smallville fan. ^^ Linked you, and hope you don't mind!
from serena6184 :
hmmm should i leave a not for lex or the girl who runs his diary....let's continue with the fiction of him *actually* having this diary. lex, i adore you, you are about the hottest guy ever. you'll get your creepy father in the end!
from silnt-dreamr :
Very good and inspirational. For some reason i like the way you present your information... Keep up the good work! ~*~ Silnt_dreamr ~*~
from astro-vamps :
hmm....i'm not very good at leaving note but i really like your diary.
from z0tl :
3rd note's the charm, they say! muaha for the masses, alwayz wrong baby, alwayz fuckin it up!
from z0tl :
great evil work, lexus! satan says hi, i passed him on my way up, he keeps insisting i jump. whatevah! keep up the good work, dood :z
from z0tl :
lookat, 1st note in smallville!

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