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from goodluckgold :
hey I like your profile and it's okay I am a internet addict too lol comment back byebye
from xinpheldspbx :
Thanks for filling out the survey (not my best work, but it sufficed) - definately the most entertaining yet. You're reading the Wheel of Time? I beg, please stop at book three and save yourself the agony. If you insist on continuing, don't buy, just rent from the library - unless you (like I) get the urge to chuck books 9 thru 11 through the nearest window, in which case you'll have to buy the things anyway. Consider yourself duely warned.
from f-i-n :
I smiled when you wrote: we always talk about weapons. I've always had more guy friends than girls and our conversations tend to be random and weird.
from evenstar101 :
I'm sorry that I did not reply sooner! Thanks so much for stopping by! We seem to have a lot in common. I'm going to add you as a buddy! Take care - Emily
from ladyinfinity :
Thanks! It took forever to find one that suits my layout standards and tastes. ;)
from jesskarabbit :
I probably should have realised that. Mine is apparantly (according to one of my friends) Herenya-Lairelithiniel. It's a bit of a mouthfull though (much shorter in English)!
from jesskarabbit :
Hey! Have you ever seen "who killed Roger Rabbit"? It is a bit of a bizzar film - half is cartoon the rest is people acting. Well there is a charictor called Jessica Rabbit in it. She is a cartoon woman in a red dress. It is a bit of an 80s cult film and she is one of the charictors that a lot of people remember. I also get accused of being a "happy bunny" quite a bit - I am quite bouncy and like trampolining. Where did you get your name from? Jesska
from jesskarabbit :
Thanks! Narnia played a major role in my childhood, I was read the books as bedtime stories. I am called Jesska rabbit by my housemates (It's in bright coloured magnetic letters on the fridge) - typical students! HeHe... Thank you for being the first person to leave me a message - It was really quite exciting! Jesska
from ladyherenya :
I LOVE reasons to be miserable - it has to be the most addictive thing I've ever heard! At the moment it's "So long... reprise" which I think is better than than track 02. The reviews agree with me... :-P And I like track 03, too, and some other strange one... it's great! I don't love "Vote Beeblebrox" in the same way... lol, what's wrong with me. It's a song about ZAPHOD, for goodness sake!
from lady-luthien :
well, glad to see that hitchhickers is distracting you from your work. reasons to be miserable is kinda catchy isn't it? i don't actually like it, but it gets stuck in my head alot, just after vote beeblebrox and so long... "ping" (obviously, this is the machine that goes "ping". why else would i suddenly say a random word for absolutley no reason whatsoever? it's just not me) BYE! (the worlds about to be destroyed, there's no point getting all anoyed, lie back and let the planet dissolve (around you))
from ladyherenya :
banner at the top of THIS page - nope. I have no control over anything except for ladyherenya etc. I still think my idea for you starting a page is kind of cool... I was stuffing around with paint shop (expires tomorrow, I think) and I came up with a cool picture. (see email) Like I said, I just like attempting to make layouts, because it's fun.
from lady-luthien :
well, I could start my own page, but i'm having so much fun not having to do anything, so i'm not going to. did you choose the picture to go on the top of this page???? the one about the lightsaber? i'm just going to write you an email now.
from ladyherenya :
I know... why don't you just start a diary then? All you have to do it write "so long and that's for all the fish, me day sucked and leave it at that". I could make you a layout... (I just want to do that - make another layout, and I'm looking for an excuse. Ignore me. :-)
from lady-luthien :
boo. why did I have to register to do this? the lady bit is usefull, though, isn't it? *muble about people stealing my name anyway, so long, so long, so long, so long, and thanks for all the fish. I gotta get that soudtrack. Luthein

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