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Hello, I have no longer write in this diary, it will be locked now, so yeah... Have a new username and diary so ask me for the URL.

My favorite diaries:

greenteacup profile - diary
comments: Hey, this girl is rockin! I love her She's the best no doubt.She knows how to handle a situation without losing her patience,,,,,,,unlike me!
catsoul profile - diary
comments: Has a great descripton of her feelings and has a great personality
caker profile - diary
comments: Is a great person and His diary is awesome
sammygrl43 profile - diary
comments: Ah, my old diary good times...
stepfordtart profile - diary
comments: Has a great personality and rocks because she like Josie and the Pussycats like I do and she's from England!
maybe-forget profile - diary
comments: Miss you too, hun.
dia4 profile - diary
comments: Freaking awesome!, I tell ya!!
vintagejunk profile - diary
comments: Cool person!!!!
random1289 profile - diary
comments: She likes Meg Cabot also!!!
rainbowbite profile - diary
comments: So Sweet and Precious as can be!!
skipntater profile - diary
comments: Hahahaha, the best!
emcakes profile - diary
comments: Miss her too! Em, where have you gone?
puzzledgirl profile - diary
comments: I miss her! Where did she went? I feel so lonely without her, hahaha!
vxxen profile - diary
comments: Kick-ass person! Go homegirl!
honeychic28 profile - diary
comments: Lovely, she's person who came back to diaryland like me!
brwnidgurl profile - diary
comments: Seriously the best!
anna-popcorn profile - diary
comments: A person that was the first one to read my diary!!!
vynil profile - diary
comments: Her dreams are awesome! I read some of them in her other diary bunnyfarm

My favorite music:

Green Day
comments: Billy Joe Armstrong is so cool anf so punk! Gotta love this band. Telling people the hard-core trufh of the our lives
Letters To Cleo
comments: Gotta Love This Band! This band is tha bomb! Kay Hanley, love ya! Kay has a great voice. Love the song "Awake"
Natasha Bedingfield
comments: Very Inspirational music. "Pocketful of Sunshine" is the best song ever. Sometimes makes me wanna have a Pocketful of Sunshine *Envies Natasha*
Taylor Swift
comments: Love her. "Our Song" is the best song ever. She is also very orginial and very talented. I love "Picture To Burn" and "teardrops on my guitar"
comments: Love the Black Eyed Peas. Love her. Love her story. How her friend Will.I.Am was helping her get over drugs. That's a true friend. "clumsy" is a cute song.

My favorite movies:

Remember The Titans
comments: Denzel Washington at his best! I loved this movie! Julius is my favorite character. I loved how they got to be good friends in the end. when that main character died, I forgot his name!
Josie and The Pussycats
comments: Heh. Remember the cartoons. Was so glad when I watched the movie! Melody is so funny! I am still wondering why Eugene Levy was just there randomly. Haha, Alan M. Loves Josie McCoy!
Gone With The Wind
comments: Who can turn down a classic like this? Scarlett O' Hara is so dumb for being so stupid that Rhett Butler was so fed up so he wanted to leave her! It was very sad when Melanie and Bonnie died. They were such angels and sweethearts
The Wedding Singer
comments: You can never get tired of watching this movie! it's so funny and I love it! I love Adam and Drew together.
Forrest Gump
comments: I almost cried when I watched this movie. It is one of the greatest movies EVER. Hahaha, Run Forrest RUN!

My favorite authors:

Lisi Harrison
comments: The Clique is very halirious and chic.
Meg Cabot
comments: The Princess Diaries is a seriously funny book. Can be romantic at such times.
Ann Barashes
comments: Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a great book. I can't believe the lost the pants in the end thanks to Lena's sister
Sara Shepard
comments: Pretty Liars is a delicious book
Cathy Hopkins
comments: Mates, Dates are so funny! people from U.K. are seriously awesome

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