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from killsoft :
skeet skeet
from lisaannlm :
Congrats for being brave enough to put down the bottle. It won't be easy and you may have a few slips, but in the long run you'll find you have a new prospective on life. I'm certainly rooting for you and wish you all the luck in the world.
from narcissa :
linked to your entry from yesterday... hope that's okay (it made me laugh out loud)
from sunstargirl :
omg! I don't know whether to find an LDS clothing line frightening or hilarious!
from sunstargirl :
your diary makes me laugh so hard. I think your writing is awesome!
from partygirl :
wait a sec - ru my friend on twitter?? sending dm to you now to check...
from irreverent1 :
I found your diary by browsing the members area, and I've gotta say - I'm a fan. I just thought I'd let you know that I'm probably the one generating extra page views instead of some creepy stalker type.
from notanias :
i just wanted to let you know that i've moved diaries (unfortunate things happened). so i'll be updating over here, now. (the former) beatpoetgrrl
from bexx :
just floated on like good music and authors......your cartoon rocks! -BeXx
from jjg :
You've got me hooked with your courtroom drama! I egarly await the conclusion...
from bettinas :
Your lovely little diary has reminded me that I need to use the word "veritable" more, preferably preceded by a punchy expletive. Color me a fan.
from ska-t :
no doubt about it, you are a Brick Haus, in mighty-migh-tay cartoon creation. too fohn-ky. thanks for the slap on the head about Fred Schneider... i think i tried to block the memory. bad things happened when i went to B-52s shows. over.
from ska-t :
i prefer to think of myself as the Dali of Swearing. life would be oh-so dull without the distainful grimaces of the "pure". nice musical tastes, ya got there... dammit.
from funda :
Another site to return to, somehow there must be more time.
from trapidi :
sry...i m very "strict when it comes 2 ppl deciding 2 do drugs. ♥
from trapidi :
gee...let's c...i was attracted 2 your site by your banner, meaning that if u don't smoke, u ain't goin' to have an exciting life...might i remind u that smoking will kill u...and it doesn't make your life exciting.
from banshee-rose :
Great site.
from deadseafruit :
hahah omg ur cartoon was pro.
from night-fall :
I just think you're really intresting, hehehe.
from sushipig :
Croquet!! I love this latest entry of yours! I thought I was the only one fond of croquet these days. :-) What about badminton? There's just something about the name "badminton" and "shuttlecock" that makes the game worth playing! ;-)
from melwadel :
If you have the IP address, why not report the ass? It amazes me that people will go out of their way to make other people uncomfortable. People they don't even know. Amazing.
from aislin-dream :
Oh my God, I NEED to get me that digital cable stuff. VH1 Classics would have my ass on the couch so long, I'd atrophy, and somehow that seems nothing but right!
from tudor-diva :
A friend of mine recently opened a shop here in Texas and its got all kinds of cool stuff I think you would like, especially pulp novel postcards. Cheers Stacy aka: Tudor-Diva, aka: Mary Boleyn
from thatmarygirl :
from coco994 :
hi, lisa. i'm a big fan of your diary and a closet lecherous broad. i'd be an out and out broad but i used to work with our boy clayton and it just seems too...lecherous weird. but i do love that little guy. anyway, an article in the charlotte observer today says that clay and carmen are just friends and that he likes her in an overprotective big brother way. that should help. i'm sorry i'm putting this on your own page, but i can't figure out how to do it on the broad page.
from morrigen :
Hi, just came across your diary, it was good to see a fellow old-schooler out there! I love Diamanda, but unfortunately Australia is the universe's cultural butthole, so to speak, and i only know 2 other peopole who are aware of her. I'm sure i will continue to enjoy the read!
from maryboleyn :
Oooohhh!! I met and saw Diamanda perform several years ago. She gave a lecture the night before her performance and then just kind of hung out and had coffee with us. Way cool of her and she was really sweet. My ears bled for several days after her performance. WOW!
from lilylangtree :
I know I should not be doing this, but you gave me the courage to go on with this great therapy of having my own diary. I wrote one today...just now. I have been getting it, lately from my own friends and fellow fan members of Kris Kristofferson.... who want me to shut up....slowly I am not. Hush now, Lily, not yet. thanks for your courage, and, Noooo....I think I have you beat on the upper arms.....flying gladly I am, that I have two of them...and I know you are too. Guess what? You look like a little like Janene Garafilo(sp?)..and also another actress from Northern Exposure. I have to get out the soy sauce to make some stir fry...with no good teeth left...rice will be sifting in and out. Lily
from raven72d :
The wigs sound like fun!
from raven72d :
I've always loved Spalding Gray... And I make sure to have a silver hip flask in my desk... (I bought it in St.-Petersburg; it has Art Nouveau Russian engraving) '80s synthpop and industrial-dance music take me back to a better era... And I really, really, can't stand rehabbers. I don't 2-step; why would I 12-step?
from aquaplane :
Just a note to say that I enjoy your writing and p.o.v. Your diary manages to be both personal and entertaining, and therefore really stands out in the narcissistic blogosphere!
from laura-jane :
ok. i now sound like a stalker. i apologize. i did not intend to sound so exuberant. meant to say something like: "you're kinda, you know, cool.". instead, it came out like i was screech powers and you were lisa turtle. ok. this entry is just making me seem even more out of control. i am toying with hitting 'done' or that little 'x' in the corner of the window. i really am a nerd.
from laura-jane :
holy mother of god. you are rad.
from worldgurl :
I wish I was as kewl as you to go to a punk craft show. I wish our town was that hip! You are the queen of kewl! I'm not worthy! ~worldgurl
from justvisiting :
Hey - right fuckin' on. The level of xenophobic jingoism in this country now is enough to make me wanna puke.
from chaos68 :
wow...i'm like the loney note leaver. well...ahem...won't be the first time i was a stalker.....

anyhoo....i lovethe sheila devine

from chaos68 :
Happy B-day.
from chaos68 :
Happy B-day.
from cubiclegirl :
dude. your emails keep bouncing. i'm so SO sad!
from justvisiting :
I think Evan Dando is dreamy.
from ann-frank :
I am glad I clicked on your banner - 'cause even though I hate Evan Dando, Popstar I laughed at your story because I probably would have reacted the exact same way.

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