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from shamsuddin :
i have heard that u make the rulz let me hear one pal
from kelly :
be still my heart. you updated!
from strangecrew :
much <3 for your diary. added you as a favourite. ;]
from keeds :
hi. write back
from deaspiration :
Hello, just wanted to tell you that I really dig your layout. Later.
from aphroditegrl :
hehe....I've heard kisses are overrated, anyways. I want you to keep writing, cause I read it. And Overpriced Shoelaces is the collest band name ever.
from the-reviewer :
since you have like, 9274373927349 entries, i was just wondering if there were any specific ones you wanted me to read, because generally i only read about 20-30 entries. if not, then i'll just get on with your review. thanks! byebye.
from ticky21 :
dude, my name IS normal! well the nickname of tick isn't, but KATRINA is perfectly great. well im a loser so im out.
from lou-zer :
oh kelly. someday youll get your paxtons and your tickys and your stirlings. i also know an. ummmmm..... well. ok maybe the rest of the people i know have normal names. like jen and erika and brad.
from kelly :
fuckin' eh. you know the people with the COOLEST NAMES. tick! paxton! STIRLING! i am so frickin' jealous. who do i know? jordan. carol. sofia. amy. ugh! boring! where are my paceys?! where are my stirlings and my tickys! *sigh* sadly lacking.
from kelly :
holy nelly, that was the longest freakin' entry i think you ever did write.
from fumanskeeto :
where are you?! i miss my daily dose of 'the other kelly'.
from megmarch :
Hey, I can't add you to the dorks diaryring if you have a password to your page! For one thing, *I* can't check it to approve it, and for another nobody *else* can visit it when they're surfing the ring. So I can't approve you. If you take the password off, please re-apply. (and next time, read the rules page first)
from lou-zer :
jeezum crow, no one loves me. wah.
from nessreviews :
3/9/2002 Hey. It's Nessie from Nessie's Site Reviews. I was going to review you, but I can't find a link to me anywhere. Leave me a note or sign the guestbook when you do decide to leave that up. Thanks!
from fumanskeeto :
dahling, i can't read your diary. it is causing me much distress!
from lisdesign :
heres the html for the kittie layout you requested... let me know if you need anything at all, youre free to change the layout as you need to, just keep a link to me, pretty please. im pretty sure you know how to put your links in and everything...thanks a lot for using one of my layouts!! take care!
from fumanskeeto :
you don't like the name kelly? it is my name too and i think it rawks!
from ticky21 :
aight, next weekend
from kelly :
happy winter! i'm sorry i stole your name..(here at dland)!
from lou-zer :
dude i dont know, like soon... maybe next weekend im kinda busy this weekend lol
from ticky21 :
ur sooooo nice! when are we gonna hang out?
from lou-zer :
suck it up you big baby :p j/k love ya ticket
from ticky21 :
now ya see, meen people like you should be shot.
from lou-zer :
whats so funny? did you see a mirror? LOL j/k ok im done
from magiccat :
from princeofgoth : um... ok. Cool. It's a shame that I don't know you exist. Send me an email to change that. :-D
from breathless- :
Hey! I just wanted to say hey and that your diary rocks. Maybe you could check mine out and drop me a note? I'd appreciate it. :) Bye!
from ticky21 :
hey kellz nice profile ~ticky~

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