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from hannahlore :
Come back soon. <3!! -Q Chan Starr
from ilmomof3 :
Heck no, it's not too late. I'm glad you asked. There a load of people on my buddy list I would love to interview. Here are your questions: 1) Why did you chose the art in your template? What does it represent for you? 2) What is your Myers-Briggs personality type? Do you put much stock in it? 3) What is the best book you've read since the beginning of the year? 4) If you were a mixed drink, what would you be? 5) If you were a character in a well-known romantic comedy, who would you be?
from ilmomof3 :
I *so* hear your pain -- I remember the first time my oldest got into that mess and the same right on down the line. Nina will have her turn in a few years. This is why I didn't want girls in the first place... and I got three of them!! Thinking of you.
from hannahlore :
You have a wonderful site! Is it alright if i add you as a friend? -Starr
from jean58 :
i just wish I could put my feeling's into words the way you do. You make me go from laugher to tears. I can't even put want I want to say into words with the person sitting right there with the way you do with a keybroad. Plaese don't stop
from candoor :
merry happy new year to you and yours :)
from icedmilk :
from ilmomof3 :
"How to be Good" was the first thing I read by him, despite the fact that "High Fidelity" is one of my top five all time favorite movies. ::grin:: After I read that, I read everything else I could get my hands on. Isn't he the best?
from mrs-roboto :
I like your new look too! I believe "hooking up" is just physical but I'm not sure. I still use "courting" to describe what Pete and I did before marriage!
from nothe14u2005 :
from nothe14u2005 :
Okie dokie then, sometimes I wonder about this family...but then again nothing we do seems to suprise me...except the cig entry!! lol...that's just too funny, and kinda creepy when you think about it. I was debating on whether or not I should print it out and just leave it on the table for dad one morning!! lol...think he would flip?! Glad you understand the emotional conflict I'm having!! (thinks to self "someone understands me?....hmmm")
from tigereye24 :
How odd, you dont like ketchup? I thought our eating habits were the same. Hehe. And til this day, I still have that teddy bear! =) oh and the scar on my face. =)
from mrs-roboto :
You are an awesome mom! Seriously, most people would start digging and quizzing their daughters out of insecurity,etc. I like that you left her to process things without influence. Oh and congrats on the raise!
from nothe14u2005 :
I really wish that I knew what to do about it, but I guess there is nothing I can do...I don't even feel like I have anything good to say about her anymore...but I'm glad that you J are always there for me!
from leebozeebo :
Take bags with you when you go to the gym and blend them in with your fruit smoothie for the ultimate fat shake. Then you can negate your work out efforts to the point that you might as well not have even gone.
from mrs-roboto :
Oh no, these people have got to be kidding. The wrong people? WTF?!!!
from nothe14u2005 :
from mrs-roboto :
Ha ha ha! We have been installing a slate patio for a month and a half now. Original work estimate time - 1 weekend. I won't tell you about the drywall job that was to take three days and yet was completed three months later.
from mrs-roboto :
Hey my sister is also 11 years my junior and I also remember bringing her home from the hospital. I was just thinking the other day about how that's the only baby I've had the pleasure of really being able to hold and cuddle whenever the mood struck and how some part of me feels like she was my baby too.
from soapboxdiner :
That entry was really beautiful. I'm sorry to hear, though, the circumstances that prompted it. I hope the situation improves for you and the little girl you're raising.
from maxguttman :
the more im reading your diary the harder it is not to wonder more about you. do you have an email or instant messagning service? Im going to put you down as a favorite diary. toodles.
from maxguttman :
i stumbled upon your diary, and i enjoy your writting. it's simply a good read. toodles.
from cdghost :
hey came across your words and enjoyed reading them very much..thank you--thecdghost
from mrs-roboto :
Ah I too am addicted to reality TV. I'd write more but Survivors gonna be on any minute now so I got to go!

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