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from foosgold :
Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerry Christmas! Have a good one, and take care. (((Hugs))) to you both!
from foosgold :
Hiya. All your email accounts are bouncing things back at me for some reason, so I guessed this was the best way to get hold of you. Hope you have a great Christmas, and are ready for the festivities! Don't let your family get you down. Take care, okay? And let me know if that parcel turned up, please!
from foosgold :
I assume you now have a phone at home? Hope you can get thigs sorted - take care! (((Hugs)))
from foosgold :
from foosgold :
Hey - (((hugs)))! I seem to have missed you all weekend - things have been mad here. I'll be on and off today, so hope to catch you then. If you need to talk, just holler, and I'll holler back when I'm on!
from irisheyes70 :
Suzannah sent me over to your diary. I love "Some Like it Hot" too. "Nobody's perfect." That line still cracks me up! I just wanted to give you some lovin'. Suzannah said you could use it. So here's a hug from a complete stranger! *HUG*
from starlight42 :
Found you through Foosgold. Sorry that someone was reading your diary that you didn't want...that seems to happen a lot around here. Hope things work out for you.
from foosgold :
Eee, chuck, you wanted some questions... hope these are okay for a Sunday morning! 1. There's no love lost between you and your sister. What would it take from her to persuade you that she's not such a bad person after all? 2. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be, and why? 3. What inspires you to write, be it fiction or just a diary entry? 5. Now for the trademark silly question. Jack Daniels or Bushmill?
from mariap :
Looks like the notes are working again..I think :(

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