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from nico-nico :
i'm back. and you have a new book! good lord i'm out of the loop...
from nico-nico :
eeew... well, don't be too down. they sell bjork at satan's 5 & dime as well, so, uh, maybe some kid will buy vespertine and your book in the same visit and then be forever changed...
from nico-nico :
title! hmmm.... wait, it has to be family apropriate, right? hmmm... "even dawn can't clean my dirty laundry"... "ducks in underpants! now that i have your attention, matthues story."... "did you know joey ramone looked weird in a yamacha?" (did i spell that right?) ... "hey hey, i had to ask people on a crazy internet diary server what i should call my book, and all i got was this lousy title..." . yeah, that's all i got. sorry, and work hard, i guess...
from ash-n-embers :
hi, I'm just kind of randomly checking out diaries, or whatever you wanna call it and I bumped in to yours. Thought I'd say hi, hello, how are you? so... that being said.... my s/n is foreverlostsoul9 if you wanna talk. Later
from sunnflower :
Wow, life changed by music. It doesn't surprise. I really like what you did with your pitas site.
from ebm :
aw shit. did Exile in Guyville help to shape your life like it did mine?
from fang38 :
i saw chasing amy and dogma on ur profile of fav movies wat about kevin smith's other 3 movies i saws a write up about u on birthright newsletter keep up the good work
from thatmarygirl :
hey, kiddo. let's talk soon. i miss you.
from buy-this-cow :
Hey! :) Cool diary. You've got a lot going for yourself...
from jonathan :
I thought you'd appreciate this: �Recognition and reward are two different things. Even if you don�t get paid for what you do, you at least have the satisfaction of doing. It�s a pity that we lay such emphasis on being paid for our labours - it really isn�t necessary, and nobody knows it better than the artist. The reason why he has such a miserable time of it is because he elects to do his work gratuitously. He forgets, as you say, that he has to live.� (Henry Miller, Sexus) Much more at jonathan.diaryland. I have an obsession for Anais Nin and Henry Miller
from jonathan :
Enjoy the style. Keeping a journal and writing for real is a big step. All my income comes from writing yet I found it hard to call myself a writer. We can't all be Roald Dahl, Anais Nin or MauriceSendak. Personally I'd like to go for a mix of H G Wells and Henry Miller.
from cat71 :
psst. hey's a secret for ya.........go see soleil71, k?

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