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from dangerspouse :
Yeesh. I'd almost rather have the clap than diabetes. Wait - take out the word "rather". Good luck to you. I hope it doesn't go full blown.
from stepfordtart :
HeyHey! Are you back?.....or just taunting us with a mini-update? s x
from aryssa90 :
hope you're doing well!
from aryssa90 :
I'm glad you wrote but I'm sorry things haven't been that great for you, hopefully the check up will help :) Best wishes
from jimbostaxi :
great diary :0)
from memmunch :
Thank you, isky and aryssa. :) It's a trainwreck but it's my trainwreck.
from isky :
Been reading your diary for a while now, just thought i'd let you know it love it!! Keep it up xox
from aryssa90 :
Jumpin jesus on a pogo stick! I'm sorry you were mortified, but your entry reminded me of the Dead Milkmen. :) Feel better!
from aryssa90 :
your diary is fascinating. :]
from whystinger :
Nice that you had a mind blowing orgasm... was it the sheets??? LOL
from memmunch :
@lawliiet - it's like a trainwreck, eh? You should look away but it's hard to do. Hee.
from lawliiet :
I ran across your diary yesterday, got lost and four hours later had read the whole thing, start to finish. Way to encourage insomnia, lol.
from stepfordtart :
Had a good, grown-up, well-considered think about that. Here's my opinion: Coooool! s x
from whystinger :
Pizza and NCIS??? can I come over?
from memmunch :
Most definitely OK to add me. :)
from stepfordtart :
Hey. I found you through your banner. OK if I add you? s x
from wilberteets :
Wow! Thanks. I am honored to be in the same list with Rachelle. :-)
from cdghost :
i like nyquil too!
from qjan :
from memmunch :
Nope, Memphis. :) We have a Ruth's Chris. :)
from blueeyedboy :
"creme brulee from Ruth's Chris" :: You're in Philly?
from hissandtell :
Thanks so much for your swell note, darling. I've been loving your diary, too. Your test scores are truly impressive - best of luck with the whole study-thingy, and do have continued fun with figging! Love, R xxx
from memmunch :
Test test test :)

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