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from volcanic :
Hi, I don't know if you'll ever get this, but if you do, I'm desperately trying to get hold of dictation - if you have contact details for her could you please ask her to contact me - volcanic - via [email protected] Thankyou xx
from ohmakemeover :
hi. i miss the monkeyrobot says series.
from might :
they (the all-powerful Them) have made this place unaccessible. i would like to submit that it is a crying damn shame.
from shamsi9 :
from ohmakemeover :
dear monkeyrobot, xoxo
from shamsi9 :
you get lots of play...
from shamsi9 :
i did start at the beginning, but adding the nest thing is helpful. lalalala! there are butterflies here.
from shamsi9 :
i love you monkeyrobot, but who ya gonna brag to about that?
from piilu :
.....but why the end? does it mean what i think it means?
from piilu :
...Monkey Robot is loved, that's what's said ;)
from asteroidbelt :
yay monkeys and robots!
from piilu :
it's already been said...
from tea-queen :
I love you.
from geekyrobot :
being a robot myself, i know how hard life can be for robots like us. goodluck great diary. xo geekyrobot
from monkeyrobot :
from d8zedconfusd :
Coolioz layout!! :) Love it ... puttin' you as one of my favorites :) -Laur
from caterwaul :
darling monkeyrobot, your table is too wide and i have to scroll sideways to read you make yourself narrower! you rocks socks. xo c.waul

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