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from illusionless :
Thank you for reading my diary. Amen! I will not be afraid anymore. :) I like reading your diary. You sound like a very kind and well-rounded person. Bless you Sister in Christ.
from orangepeeler :
Thanks for the lovely note. It's nice to know when people enjoy reading my diary. :)
from annanotbob2 :
from annanotbob2 :
Hi - thanks for your kind note. My daughter cannot swallow any more so is fed a pack of supposedly nutritionally balanced stuff overnight via a feeding tube. I have been looking into getting the vit d increased already as there is clear evidence of its benefits to MSers - I have tried twice before, both times derailed by her getting seriously ill and hospitalised before I got it sorted. Thanks for the reminder though and best wishes to you xx
from illusionless :
Hi Moonbeam. I've just started reading your diary and I'm enjoying your entries so far.Sorry about what's going on with G though. :( To answer your question, I lock my diary sometimes because I get scared that someone I know will read my diary and know with whom I speak about even though their names are title based. I also worry about flame wars in my notes section due to difference of opinion. I have been harassed by people on D-land before and it caused me to leave Diaryland for 4 years. That's my reasoning. I can't speak for others. I'm glad you feel comfortable enough to keep your diary open and your readers treat you well. :) God bless.
from dangerspouse :
Hi Moonbeams! I'm so glad those hideous lights and my (temporarily) hideous wife gave you a chuckle. It was so kind of you to stop by and let me know! And...I do hope for the best for your cousin. What a trying time for all concerned. You have my sympathies, and will be in my thoughts.
from catsoul :
hi. I have over 250 food allegeries that they know of. I had c-diff some years ago and I almost dies from it. My digestive system was totally eaten away. I ate a piece of sirloin a couple of years ago, an inch by an inch to taste. I had one of my most severe anaphylactic shock incidents, ending up in the hospital for about a week. So from then on no more red meat. As for seasonings, I am allegric to garlic, onions, cummin, and others. So needless to write here, I am very careful about my intake of food. Happy New Year to you also. Peace Out. =^..^=
from dangerspouse :
Thank you for taking the time to leave such a thoughtful and thorough reply. I enjoyed you analogy of the "trip to the feast", as it was colorful and explained how you felt quite nicely. I'm particularly glad to hear that your perturbation at non-believers is because you think we are misguided, not amoral. We may be on opposite sides of the theological fence, but when all is said and done that's no reason to dislike someone. Thank you again, and again, all the best to you :)
from dangerspouse :
Hi! I've been reading your recent entries with some interest, but never wanted to intrude with a note because they seem so personal. But I have to ask, why are you "perturbed" by the thought of atheists? Do you think we are inherently immoral, or are you just sad for us? I certainly hope it's not the former, as I can tell you from experience that that's just not the case. If you're just sad for us, well...I appreciate your concern :) Happy New Year to you, and I hope your fasting experiment brings you the fulfillment you desire.
from aryssa90 :
Thank you! I’ll definitely try that!
from aryssa90 :
Thank you! I’ll definitely try that!
from komachi :
I'm sorry I haven't been on here for a few days. Exchanging Emails is good, I think. And then you can tell me what you want me to try reading about :) I am such a novice at this. So please keep that in mind. My email address is [email protected] Thank you.
from komachi :
Thank you for the offer. I would love to give it a try :)
from whystinger :
Perhaps you should begin writing again! Welcome back.
from moonbeams :
Leave me a note! :-)
from soulrape :
Your layout is absolutely lovely!

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