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from asrael :
God that pissed me off, I've already boycotted the show based on that alone. As soon as I saw that woman I thought, 'she's going to win.' Idiots.
from reynedecoupe :
Thanks for adding me. Salut! You tell it, and you tell it well.
from mystical76 :
Jesus Fucking Christ! Does this hick Virginia man have nothing better to do with his time than worry about our crotches? ARGH!!!!!!!! This kind of BS really pisses me off!
from asrael :
My god. That is messed up, I'd set her on fire. Good thing you're not me...
from enchancea :
Its amazing if they were together that long and still loved each other. I know many couples who stay together that long, especially a long time ago didnt love each other. They just stayed together because divorce was frowned upon. But if they still loved each other just as much if not more than when they got married then that is indeed amazing.
from tear-fucked :
that last entry reminded me of a pothead joke..'stoned is the best way to go' in,ways of death.being high.erm..yeah,i'm sure you got it before i explained.and if you didn't,youre probably confused now that i have
from asrael :
Thank you for the note. :)
from fallenange05 :
I Know exactly how you how you feel, for the past couple of weeks all I do is work and nothing else and today is the last day and then I will be free of it.. well at least for a little bit.
from pirategirl :
Thanks for leaving me a note. I'm glad that I can still make people laugh. I've heard that AZ is just like FL, and, cruel as it may sound, I'm glad there are other out there who can identify with the weather and plague of old people. XO
from fallenange05 :
thanks for writing that. They don't know that I know all that information. But it does make me feel like they never wanted me around in the first place. But I will be glad when they no longer mess with my mind and hurt me.
from shiningdawn :
hey there i hope all is ok you have npt been here in a while now tc hugss
from kitchenwitch :
I locked my diary. Email me if you want the password. Love ya! Hopefully this will be temporary!
from banefulvenus :
Wow, your layout is amazing!!!
from moonshadow02 :
wow, it works....awesome

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