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from almost-grown :
Just found your diary through an interesting banner and thought that I'd leave you a note. love the diary and the layout is adorable!
from cruel-irony :
I want to send you an email, but I could find a link. You can email at or use the link from my diary. Thanks.
from halfdevoured :
(I tried to sign your guestbook, but it doesn't like me.) Thank you for the comments you left in my diary the other day. I really appreciate it. I'm hoping that I can get help for the bipolar thing this summer, but things are okay right now... school seems to help me stay a little bit more focused than usual. You know, I have a cousin that lives out in California that makes video games. I have no idea why I told you that. Thanks again for your message... I really enjoy reading your diary.
from raven72d :
And... read through my diary to find out about the all-Psyduck garrison at Fort Kanji in the wilds of Aomori Prefecture.
from raven72d :
There should be a book about how to raise a small pikachu from pichu stage on up...
from raven72d :
As someone who takes the Psyduck as his role model and imagines crossing the Land of the Wild Pikachus by Bactrian camel to the imaginary land of Volpukia... Your diary is a delight!
from velvet-heart :
*Snorts* You crack me up!!
from cdghost :
enjoyed looking thru your words
from moviegrrl :
This is a slightly delayed "thank you" for your last gb signing. You know I'd happily be your faux sister!!! smooch x (And this would have been in your GB but the server got all weird.....)
from moviegrrl :
thanks babe - what we both need is an eccentric millionaire to start reading our diaries and take pity....
from raven72d :
Alas, Parker Posey and Pikachu will never be in the same film... But it's possible that I will set up a forest of Psyduck statues in a conquered city somewhere...
from moviegrrl :
you are SUCH a sweetie! and those puppets? brrrrr = too DAMN scary for me..
from bunnyhug :
Congrats on the job offer. Being that I am Canadian your salary, translated into CAD is about 80 hours of me TAing. Well not really, but close...

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