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from poul :
from poul :
love you, miss you, cry for you, my love
from poul :
happy birthday, my love
from poul :
i love you, honey bunny. always will.
from heidiann :
Welcome to the Bibliomaniac diaryring! Thanks so much for joining. =)
from peth :
my scalp has these little off-roads on the surface, and tiny Jeeps are driving fast on these roads. I never knew before how much I could like amaretto flavor. How sad.
from peth :
no need for apologies. I'll drive, as long as you take command of all the maps, and cap my thermos for me, too.
from addieplum :
squid fried, and smothered in teriyaki sauce, is all the rage in jersey.
from peth :
My sock monkeys just can't get enough of that Breakfast Blend. if you drive, i'll buy.
from deadeyedick :
I insist, I insist. There's a paranoid diary ring? I should be the president.
from diesel764 :
I've read you're diary, you are fascinating (mysterious). You have qualities which I greatly lack. I'm happy with myself, yet appreciate people who have qualities that i do not. I am the moron who had that offensive name on the dating game. Look forward to opening my mind with you again. If you have any fascinating revelations or realizations I would very much enjoy to see them: [email protected]. I am not immortal, yet feel there is some kind of unity with us and the universe, unexplainable by our knowledge of physics today, which provides a type of immortality. A connection through physics, the ability to effect your surroundings through motion and energy. I need more connections in my brain to figure it out.
from erica2175 :
thanks for joining the paranoid diaryring! =)

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