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from krebstarkid :
from krebstarkid :
It's oed! Ooooooooooed!
from soandsotgs :
hi, i saw this website, and i thought you might find it as funny as i did.... being in the cocksuckers diaryring i thought you could understand the hunour too
from kstarr :
hi rock&roll.
from notquiteoct :
it was a good whoa..only the really special ones get a 'whoa' such as that.
from notquiteoct :
i could say something about how i like the way you write..blah blah compliment blah..but instead i'll just say 'nice'. and whoa.
from sunshine831 :
Ha ha! The 'i hate mike diary' so right...ha ha. Used to be the I HATE JAMES diary. Damn exes. Funny thing is that I love Mike more than live itself. Just lately stuff has been tough...oh well.
from mootet :
hey looking forward to the new design thanks for the effort. catch you online.
from queenbee13 :
I'm sorry, I didn't realize that you needed that. I'm not sure what you mean. Can you let me know what it is exactly so I can help you out. Again, real sorry. Peace *Vicky*
from nonce :
awwww..thanks for the nice note. It's good to hear from you again. And when I went over to leave you a note...there you are staring at me. So now I have a face to attach to the diary. I've been deliquent about the writing a lot lately I'm glad to see I have other boat-mates. Take care
from jlinda :
ok sorry im here again, but i fixed it now, forreal lol. but only in the index lazy. Thanks again sweety.
from jaredphillip :
The fact is that Soul Coughing is one of the best bands to ever exist, and the fact that you have such a tight grasp on this makes me reel with desire for you. Also, Ruby Vroom would be ahead of it's time if it weren't for the fact that, at the time of release and now still, it doesn't sound like anything else. What a completely fantastic album. Oh yeah - nice diary, too. =] J
from jlinda :
Thanx Oedalis! I just "fixed" it i think...i hope its fine now. What happens is that i have my display set at 1024* the layout always comes out weird. Thanx. Can u check and see if its actually fine now? ;-)
from ripetomato :
The code is on my rings page, I put it there as soon as I joined. Is that acceptable, or do I need it in my template?
from kstarr :
creamsicle creamsicle creamsicle summerusmmersummersummer posicle.
from fiale :
I haven't read nearly enough, but thank you already! In reading the inner workings of others, I am able to know myself better.
from kstarr :
ps. the fact that you don't enjoying stereotyping music, and i'm sure that ties in to more than just music for you, puts you up about fifty five knotches in my respect books [or book, singular, you know]. and i grinned quite largely when i read your reply, and nodded, and said outloud, 'she's got it, shore she's got it, yeeeAW'.
from kstarr :
ps. basement jaxx is house, not hiphop. sort of like flamey-queen-dance-around-house. though both house and hiphop are both very good - as is basement jaxx, please do not make said-same mistake twice.
from kstarr :
hi your diary reminds me of a creamsicle and therein lies my happiness at looking at it .. sort of like, 'ohoh, creamisicle, popsicle, summer, 4 weeks away, yum owange' et cetera.
from zaziel :
Smut alert! I've put up a whole slew of updates. Well, at least a handful. Look for the smut in the episodes: "Jack" & "Jack, Part 2."
from zaziel :
Sorry about the lack of smut, darlin'. But be assured, I'm working hard so I can get back to it.
from zaziel :
I've been writing notes to myself since I was a tiny tyke - did I tell you I was once a child prodigy? I've outgrown that, thank god (or whatever.) But I still write notes to myself. Keeps me from talking out loud to myself, which would worry people.
from zaziel :
BTW, I've just realized that I qualify for your James-lover ring. I have a James and a Jaime in my lurid past. I'll be writing about one or the other this coming week in my diary. Today, for delight of all and sundry, I'll working on some smut, so look for it.
from zaziel :
Oy. The joys of being over-employed. Oh, how I know that rapture.
from gir-my-hero :
you love them all too? hmm, haha ok! :)
from neon7c :
congrats on the job! i think! heehee!
from zaziel :
Oh. Oh. Oh. I love watching my lovers masturbate! But we haven't done that yet, the Fiend and I. We've been so enthusiastic about doing things to each other, pleasuring the other. I'd forgotten about the exquisite intimacy of watching your partner pleasure himself. You have given me such lovely ideas. Thank you, darlin'.
from nonce :
absolutely they are redundant....but the repetition is for effect of soon as I wrote it down I went "well...1 and 2 look a little alike"....but I held back on editing it.

Rule #1: You do not talk about fight club.

Rule #2: You DO NOT talk about fight club.

Yes/no? Did you get all stinky at Brad Pitt...I think not....gimmie a break here...
from r-e-v-i-e-w :
your review is up!
from fallencupid :
Hi! I followed a banner link that I saw and I really like your diary. I hope that you can visit mine sometime and I hope you enjoy it. Leave a note if you are there! Hope to see you around. ~Fallen
from sam :
ARRG! your guestbook does not work. I just typed a LONG comment to you...but now I am tired out...
from neon7c :
take it as a sign. that job was NOT meant to be.
from sheilasrs :
About your question....I honestly don't know why it takes forever for mail from the Netherlands to get to America. Some girl in Germany (who is also American) says she has the same problem. It's really strange.
from foreverlad :
LOL sorry, by "media" I meant your taste in movies, authors, music, etc. "The best way to understand a culture is to know of their dreams". In this case, knowing someone's fave movies and such will do just as well. =)
from foreverlad :
Aside from your tastes in different media, I'm seriously itching to read more from you. I love the journal, please, keep it going.
from sheilasrs :
I got here by clicking on your banner. You have a wonderful diary, and I had a nice time reading your entries. Good luck with you job interview. Bye =)
from outgrabe :
Okay... I'll tell you what I do. Not sure if it will help or not. Usually I start with the target diary. For example, if I wanted to find a path from Andrew, I would look at his page of who he has linked. I then open the profile of the first person he has linked in a separate window. Then I open the first person that second person has linked in a third window. On my task bar, I have the original diary all the way on the left, which links to the next task, which links to the next task, etc. When I reach a dead end, I close the rightmost task, and then proceed from the second task from the right. I hope that makes sense because I'm not sure I can explain it any better. Hope that helps. It's really time-consusing, but it's effective.
from zaziel :
Me. I'm cheap and easy. Occasionally. And li'l chocolate doughnuts! My b�te noire. Well, one of them.
from silverbiker :
hey where is that so called "perfect world" so I can go live in it with you too :)
from neon7c :
i hope that someday, all of your "in a perfect world" stipulations come true...for all of us. :)
from rosram :
Just another friend from one place on the Earth..
from painted-fish :
my computer is down.. so I won't be able to get any e-mail...I'll get back to you soon!
from neon7c :
diarists anonymous...i would SO join. i am in the same boat as you. addicted. its 4am. i can't sleep. here i am. ha!
from kuinileti :
lovely, thank you for reminding me that i forgot to link herb spiral info. i linked it on my entry, but you can also go to or search for herb spiral. you'll also want to have info available about which herbs need more/less water, more/less sunlight, and plan accordingly. good luck! it's a great project! i bought my herb starts at walmart (gulp!) for $0.97/each.
from ophelia79 :
chain maille. might be complicated. i crochet. that's kind of the same. isn't it?
from heavenawaits :
you are enjoyable. thanks.
from painted-fish :
I just wanted to say thank you one more time. (:
from angstrom :
yes YES! thanks for the welcome. my james doesnt know yet that i joined a ring dedicated to the love i have for him...i think he's gonna laugh, hehe.
from zaziel :
I intend to develop a grand passion for James Spader someday. If I ever get around to it, I absolutely will need to join your Jameslover ring.
from zaziel :
I've tried and I've tried, but I just can't resist using the word "fave." It's a flaw in my character
from zaziel :
Thanks for the accolades, luv. Shit, I didn't even know that anyone was reading the damn thing, and then you come along and give me a fave rave.
from shuck :
if you wish to continue the conversation, check back every so often at my notes page.
from neon7c :
hey...thanks for stopping by my diary, i'm glad you can relate. i started a meredith-ring a few weeks ago, like you did with james. great minds think alike!!! :)
from shuck :
i've responded to your note in my notes section. i hope you find it answering your question. then again, i can never seem to answer a specific question because i have too many things going on in my brain. lol what an enviable quandary.
from weirdest :
hey, im also delusionally lol... I have two diaries, one for the mess, and the other for my diary. I dont have much on Zero 7, besides a few songs.. Simple Things, Give it away, Waiting in line, Destiny, and If you cant say no. So if you want to send anything my way, you could email it to me.. or something [email protected] Thankes heaps... Ally
from ille :
kewl diary
from janafaerie :
Your layout is gorgeous, soothing to look at...and your thoughts flow beautifully. I have added you to my favorites list. Your diary is poetic in its whole presentation. Amazing.
from dee-heretic :
very pleasant diary design -- concise = ready to bed but smiling nonetheless
from leopardray :
I noticed that you have placed me on your faves list, and that's pretty flattering. You've got a fanstastic layout, and I love your writing. Isn't learning for kicks fun? Have you stopped working and become a student, or are you just... learning? Anyway, welcome to the Land of Diaries. I'm glad you think I'm real. I like to be so.
from itrymybest :
hey, thanks for reading and for adding me to your favorites list. i wish i could say i was responsible for the nifty layout, but i'm too lazy to learn cascading style sheets right now and therefore have become a template whore. i'll be checking out your diary as soon as i have time. thanks again.
from trancejen :
Ah, sleep deprivation... I hear ya.
from erato :
today, i submerge myself in the writing of others, feeling their lives through te worlds and swimming in their dreams, wishes, pains, and goals. you felt a little like a mirror image in the pond today, before my hair fell in and tangled us in ripples.
from snideblonde :
Just read your diary! EXACTLY! I am a sloth-like creature because I cannot rip myself away from diaryland journal entries. You should join grlscout and my ring, cause I like your writing. If you're still reading, perhaps you'd like to check out my journal? s
from jonathan :
Advertising works. Look what I did. I just made you favourite. Number 73 or something. Great start. Most of my 'buddies' have at least 250 entries - you've got some catching up to do. Welcome!

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