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from jujub27 :
Hey, I love your artwork, it's really amazing. But I was trying to get some of my stuff copywrited so no one could steal it, do you have any idea how to do that?
from spiffy12345 :
Great pics! LOL!
from puccapeach :
Hey I saw your banner and that I hit you up with a note. I wanted to say that I think you have talent, even though you say that you aren't looking for people to comment about your art. I was wondering if you can draw Utena??? That would be awesome. Well gotta post, smile you have been hit by a peach
from hoobskank :
Hi! U'r artwork is v. v. good! U have reel talent, i can't draw stuff like that, well, i can, but it always ends up looking like a big deformed piece of crap!!
from leia-of-troy :
I really like your artwork. ^^
from kaorunshinta :
gosh it came out great i could never do such a thing on the PC, anyway, you cold so esaiely became a pro on that sort of stuck meaby even create your owne manga story and it to be famous and everything, i bet you could so make that happen!, when you do i wanna know bout it ok?!
from banefulvenus :
beautiful layout!! :)
from kaorunshinta :
ok im back.... finaly finished reading the hole characters thing, dude that made my brain reach levels of understanding never thought posible, you have great imagination! i envy you ~_~
from kaorunshinta :
cool i love sango, i think its a cool layout, man i wish i could draw from my head like you, you realy draw good, it was a while that u hadnt updated.... anyway love your drawing.... see ya'
from zockendland :
nice layout! Inuyasha style:> And da pictures are getting better every time
from hattermad :
Congratulations as an 03. You are the 800lb gorilla of backstories! You're amazing when it comes to that part of the character.
from ginn2002 :
:D i am glad you have a sense of humor, GO PANDONUT!
from ginn2002 :
:D i am glad you have a sense of humor, GO PANDONUT!
from hattermad :
Hooray for your graduation. One of the more clever pictures included on the gallery section of the Gorillaz DVD is a picture of the band with their creators Jamie Hewett and Damon Alborn. What makes it so is the nervous look on Hewett and Alborn's faces and the fiendish looks on the band's faces. And 2D is holding a hammer...
from virginwh0re :
Congrats on graduating!
from chronokill :
I don't know who you are, but Dan linked you... Tarepanda 4 life!!
from ginn2002 :
i posted rudly in your was a joke and i tried to post another message stating so but it said no, so i came here and put it are definatly talented...and i hope you read this before you breakdown crying and slit your wrists. Don't hate me cuz im tired! :D
from tsukihoshi :
Ooo ooo! You're art is so cute! XD I really like it. ^_^ Also, you entries are silly. Good deal.
from raven72d :
Do you like Stray Sheep? Are there Floppy Panda videos available?
from trenton :
Beautiful work! I draw one lined paper lots during classes to pass time. ;) You have great style. What kind of things do you RP? Anyway, just wanted to drop you a note and say hey. ^_^
from chibi-yukito :
YAY Luv your drawings ^_^ I can copy anime, almost exactly, but I cannot make my own chaarcters to save my life, *congratulates pandonut* good on ya ^_^
from i-am-bubbles :
lurve yr drawings - i'm an artist myself, though i weep at the fact i can't draw anime worth crap. i just can't get the face structure or eyes ($#@%& shiny eyes! ^_^) worth crap. great job!
from jazzy916 :
I envy your skills, but I will praise them nonetheless. You are a very good artist. Keep posting the pwetty pics! ^_^
from str8edgedork :
your pictures are very pretty.
from daramane :
Heeey...First things first: I LOVE THE PANDA DONUT THING!!!!!! Lol, had to say that. Second: Love the drawings. You're really good at drawing anime. Plus, I just *lurve* anime chicks to pieces. Sorry, I'm just a sad hentai-obsessed otaku..*sighs* Oh well, still a great site. I plan to visit this often.
from catzi :
I love your drawings. They're so good. >^..^<
from l-i-l-a-c :
Wow that looks great!
from ciel-de-noir :
fuck, i wish i didnt suck at art.
from nfinity701 :
I clicked on your banner and I like your art. Have a great day
from celtickatt :
Wow. Absolutely amazing! You are awesome!!!
from zockendland : TEST YOUR POWER!
from samuraipie :
on your angle meeting devil drawing I have some comemnts to make on it. Beign an anime artist myself. ^^; For one, you're not a bad drawer, so you shouldn't say stuff like that about yourself. However, in your image, something that you should fix is the arm length on the devil. They're too long, you need to shorten them, elbows don't reach down to your hips. ^_~ I love the panda in your design btw!! XD
from minoru :
i don't think your drawings are bad. =P you have a very nice style. keep up the good work...!
from stripez :
Love the picture!
from maralisa :
Goodness. You are some talent xx
from blacsunrise :
The panda on the donut is the cutest thing i have ever seen. Awesome picture btw!
from rurisue :
oooh, nice! i especially like the girl with the stick (mary?). yeah. good stuff!
from icemagick :
I'm sure you get this comment a lot, but I just thought I should let you know that I think your artwork is great! Also, the banner is quite attractive. I simply couldn't resist clicking on something so...anime-ish. Keep up the good work!
from klutch :
OMG your drawings are SO cute. I'm adding you to my linx page under the 'eyecandy' section. Thanks so much for sharing your work here.
from gothchicknik :
ok i'm gonna be original and say ur drawings are great! well there's nothing else i can say, cuz they are awesome! keep it up!
from milly-bloom :
Hey! You're drawings are so cute! and so good! I <3 them all. :D
from hattermad :
Nice to see you're getting back into the swing of things.
from luciyen :
Cool page. I just wish you wouldn't be so hard on yourself! (:
from villevallo :
from pixiedust783 :
I love your new drawing! It's great :-P
from wolfgirl88 :
I love your recent picture of the two demony-angel things meeting. Very intriguing.
from unabashedly :
that panda is soooo incredibly adorable! i lurve it.... did you draw it? the other sketches are grand, too... i'm no artist per se, but i liked what i saw and thought i'd say so
from m-1967 :
Wow, your art is really awesome! I'm glad I actually clicked on a banner, now. ^_^ I'm going to add you to my favourite diaries list, and I just thought I'd leave a note to tell you... Can't wait to see more art! ~*M*~
from raven72d :
The Floppy Panda is always wonderful...
from i-am-invalid :
dear lord, you're sketches are so cute!!! (kawaii!! *^-^*) I can't stand it... they make me smile, and I'm not supposed to smile, I'm supposed to be grumpy... so, um, thanks for making me smile :) *i am a nerd*
from pandaman27 :
You have a rocking panda diary! I should know *nod*
from raven72d :
You do such lovely anime (or aneem) girls!
from hattermad :
Hi. Nice to see you're back up and running. Did you get the note and art I sent? Thanx.
from raven72d :
"bored girl with a stick" is wonderful... And I'm a great fan of anyone who likes Tare Panda. The Floppy Panda is a major kami!
from zockendland :
Man you are a great artist! I found your diary by banner! That homemade banner is sweet! Your diary is good too!NOTE ME BACK,please!
from pixiedust783 :
Hey there! I saw your banner, and I looked at all of your drawings. They are really good! Not as good as mine of course... Hahaha, just kidding :-D
from sushichick :
Your layout is adorable!
from thehottopic :
hola! I stumbled onto your site because when i see any anime on diaryland im there ^.^ I cant wait to read more about your characters! (kei looks like kagome from inuyasha too) keep it up
from lilfirefli :
No problem about adding ya, I <3 anime. I wish I could draw like that. I am newly inspired by your work though, now instead of stars in my margins, I have deformed anime faces! Whoo! n_n
from wolfgirl88 :
Thanks for mentioning me! XP

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