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from azimel :
Yep! Seems to be! *Waddles off to read*
from azimel :
Uhoh: part of the new layout doesn't seem to be working. I stopped by the check up on the entries I missed and there's no scroll bar! ;(
from realsnoopy :
Hi- I am a reader of Kestra. I read you a little. Is it ok that I added you? :) Dawn
from m91879 :
Thanks for posting Learning To Fly; I was outta my mind with boredom but this really blew the cobwebs away. Plus, my boy seems to think this rocks almost as much as Bob Marley. Bright Blessings - Munch
from sinsear777 :
Cool, love the new design. You have much talent!
from brinners :
Er.. that's gross sounding.. They want God to bless their..... ASSHOLE?! LOL I don't understand people today, I really don't. You did good with ignoring them, but now you have me wildly curious about what on earth that song is about. :)
from kestra :
Oh, and if you want a reluctant doctor to give you a blood test, perhaps you could leave out the part where you've been doing everything right... so that he'll suspect it's low iron too. I know this sounds akin to lying (by omission), but doctors often like to tell "little girls" that conditions are "in their head," and scoot them out the door... so you have to do whatever works to get a problem checked, I guess. Then, after you've done that, IF the blood test comes back showing low iron, then you can tell him everything you've done to try to solve the problem, so that you can look at other solutions.
from kestra :
I don't think the phrase "God Bless My Asshole" was directed at you to say, "God Bless You, My Asshole." I think they were just trying to be offensive by playing whatever objectionable thing they could find, and playing something like that sure SOUNDED offensive to them, even if it didn't quite make sense. However, I think the phrase would most accurately mean that they want god to bless their asshole (the place located between their buttcheeks), and so they want God to give his consent that buttfucking is okay. So they're playing something that indicates they're possibly homosexuals - and they probably did so without knowing it, too. That makes the story amusing to me. lol
from fan4 :
Get well soon!
from m91879 :
Hey, Clicked your banner, read your stuff, enjoyed what I saw and thought I'd tell you. -Munch
from sinsear777 :
Heh, sounds like quite the excitement over there. I'd say something sympathetic, but I'm too busy chuckling ;) Keep the strength and look forward to October

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