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from officehours :
so nice...
from officehours :
I'm sorry for your loss. She looked beautiful
from officehours :
Sept 18th - 23rd. Please teach me how to bake a decent cookie!
from officehours :
I'll make you a deal, if it happens then you should give me a call, but if my trip out there (in June) comes before that, then we can frolic in your town! Shy friends be damned!
from officehours :
Officehours is coming to a city near you. Lets go get a drink.
from seereason :
See, the 'needy roommate' is why I refuse to live with women. :)
from boredlaura :
I completely forgot to mention that the laws of randomness meant that I wrote about you on my music blog ( yesterday. Hope you don't mind.
from stardustie :
hah. Im going through a breakup. I guess they'll be some emo entries. but I'll open back up and get some good ones going, i promise. I just need a private place to vent. I dont want to be an annoyance to other people. thanks for the comment <3
from miedema2002 :
I love foam parties!! In my first year there was one on my college campus. There was music and dancing and there was a giant machine that every few seconds dumped foam soap bubbles all over everyone. People including me ran and stood under it and we all got drenched with bubbles! it was sweet because you had to push and shove just like in a concert! I could be totally wrong, but is that what you meant by a foam party or am I way off?? Either way it's a cool story! Later. :)
from and-darling :
Not to sound absurd or anything of that sort, but I've always wanted a few male diary-loving acquaintances. I think they keep me a little at bay, you know? Instead of all of these overly sensitive topics of love this and love that and this sounds a lot like me, I get some "hmpf" which would be the exact way I hear it when a male diarist (if that's even a word) makes an entry. What comes from that entry, however, depends clearly on the individual.
from pirategirl :
So, it always used to bother me when I'd see that someone looked at me through one of my banners, flipped through enough pages for me to think that they perhaps found something interesting, and then left without saying a word. So here are some words: I was thinking as I logged in today that perhaps The Diary has faded, and maybe all the interesting people have moved on to other mediums, my list of people I read becoming a long list of people that haven't put down anything new in more than three months. Then I see this ad that says something about a belljar, and I think "Is this some 13 year old girl identifying with Sylvia to get my attention only to lead me to something about how unfair her parents are?" But no, it was you, and I was pleasantly surprised. I'm starting to think that maybe I should have emailed this... There is a point I'm trying to make: thank you for giving me something good to read for a little while. I hope I remember to stop by again.
from sadistiksoul :
from miedema2002 :
Hi, I clicked your banner and read a few of your entries. I love your raw expression. You have a wit about you that I don't see in many diaries. Welcome to my favourites list lol!
from boredlaura :
Those extra boxes: you should just have to stick %%option1%%, %%option2%% and %%option3%% wherever you want them to show up, just like the %%date%% and %%time%% ones. Also 'Disrepair' is a fantastic song and I was listening to it at the time, which is why it went in the box.
from whtlunalycan :
hi hope your day didn't stay that bad! Blessed Be ~Luna
from theicing :
hello boy i have no idea who u r but im listed as one of your favourites and mistake or not i just locked my diary so if you'd like the password let me know
from boredlaura :
Happity hippity birthday!
from zuzus-petals :
I love your blog... added you as a favorite. It looks cold where you are but is sounds terrifically cozy! - Zuzu
from anthronut :
I clicked on your banner,thought I would wish you well with your snow-blower and awesome well as say Hello!
from officehours :
Let's lay our bad day down here, dear and make-believe we're strong, or hum some protest song. Like maybe "We Shall Overcome Someday." Overcome the stupid things we say. Say I needed more than this, say I needed one more kiss. ... We'll talk the night away. You call in sick, I'll quit the word-games that I play. I swear I way more than half believe it when I say that somewhere love and justice shine. Cynicism falls asleep. Tyranny talks to itself. Sappy slogans all come true. We forget to feed our fear.
from stardustie :
haha. actually ... grapefruit flavored things arent bad (like the dried fruits) but I dont know ... something about grapefruit juice and biting into one is just yucky!!
from boredlaura :
I too have uttered the immortal phrase "Damn you, Joss Whedon", but that was because I was afraid to go to sleep after seeing 'Hush' for the first (and second) time.
from pojken :
thank you, thank you. yes, yes. layout and banner done by my lonesome. with help from an ol' html textbook checked out from the local libs.
from bantenhut :
love your layout. it's so simple and easy to read. did you make it yourself?
from phatgrrl :
cool banner and I like the layout also
from minstrelite :
Samt thing happened to me--well, almost the same. I was an INFJ all along, then suddenly became an ENFJ. Now I'm back to normal. Guess I just got really sociable there for a while.
from theicing :
just leaving another random note in a random diary-i once knew a woman who was so cheap she couldnt even bear to part with her used shitty toilet paper once shed wiped her ass with it so she stored it in her sewing room and lit 3 tonnes of incense to hide the smell from passing jehova witnesses and the really scary part of all this is that-i was that woman!!!!!
from flickabyxor :
it's sistersister! i'm not clever enough to think of a good member name, so i'm girl pants (in swedish). add me as a favorite. do it. NOW.
from volgende :
discovered notes. dateless. indelible. hello from somewhere else.
from pojken :
testing, testing. 1,2. check, czech.

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