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from hated-dancer :
i love your writing, what a perspective off the world! you are interesting (so please write back)
from liquid-mojo :
although i've only gone through a few entries, i have to say i find your blog interesting. i suppose i have to add you to my faves now. one particular thing i find interesting is your use of the term "goddess forsaken". if one were to adhere to the typical gender stereotypes, one would think of a goddess type as one who is caring and nurturing and not a being who forsakes like your typical patriarchal male type god would. just a thought... ;)
from ravynespeaks :
Just want to wish you a very Happy New Year. May 2005 be your best year ever!
from luciab :
I was thinking about you last night; it's been a while since you posted. I know it must be a rough time of year for you. Hope you're okay. Hugs. Lucia
from candoor :
the sauce sounds interesting... and so do you :)
from snarkypants :
So...didja enjoy Passionada?
from parlance :
Flames can be loud?
from nightsraven :
you're really sweet. thanks.
from nightsraven :
[rubs arm] ow lol. but thank you! [bounces] i still don't get what she sees, but never mind.
from hushangelz :
Hiyee, I just stumbled across your diary and thought Id leave ya a lil note. Have a great day! :P
from nightsraven :
[huge hugs n lots o' wub] you're welcome
from schmaddie :
marsist sent me your way. you are in my thoughts.
from evilestone :
I don't know you either, but Golfwidow and Tatnan both say you need "goodvibes", so please, consider them sent your way. I hope everything comes out ok.
from some-trouble :
I came to your diary via cornflake1. I'm a complete stranger to you so my comments may not count for much, but I'm really sorry to hear about what's happened to your family. You're in my thoughts.
from crimsonknife :
wow i'm so glad everything went so smoothly, it sounds like a dream. I hope it stays that way. *hugz* chrissi
from aliblogs :
sorry, i lock and unlock my diary randomly because i don't want people i know in real life to find it. they've came close to it. anyway, if you want the username/password for when i do lock it, i'd be more than happy to e-mail it to you (unfortunately, i couldn't find your e-mail address) but mine is and congratulations again!
from bloodfae :
Ah, sorry for taking so long with the giving of password. :) Your username is: quietflames (because I am very creative), and your password is: shadow. Because, well, it came to mind. ; ) For the record, I'm the same Lucius fangirl who writes faery-lights... bloodfae just contains less daylogging and more *shudder* poetry.
from nightsraven :
yes, The Shrub sucks rabid monkey balls. i completly agree with that. but the US CSI teams are better than the UK CSI teams. so i'm shit out of luck, whatever the fuck is decided. but it's still a small victory to know that at least one person in power doesn't give a shit who marries who.
from jorod74 :
thanks for adding me to the list of favorites. i hope i don't disappoint often. at least you established a milestone: caller number ten! yay!
from tattodnanny :
you must immediatly and forthwith go to l-malfoy s diary. It's fanfic I"LL read, for God's sake. Go. Read. Now.
from ruz :
Haha...did you put in the capital letters? You should try again WITHOUT them. Anyway, I've made another set of password for you. Username: quiet Password: flames Hope it works this time! *grin*
from ruz :
Oh. Sorry! I thought I sent you the password. Username:harry Password:draco really sorry!!!
from ruz :
Oh. Sorry! I thought I sent you the password. Username:harry Password:draco really sorry!!!
from cornflake1 :
I've been trying to sign your book but it doesn't seem to be working. Mine's playing up too, oh the joy! Apologies if you get half a dozen identical messages from me. Anyhow, Mini Severus would brew you a sanity restoring potion, but he's still in bed nursing his hangover. ;-) So I hope your visit with tattodnanny will do the trick! By the way, sorry you have IBS too. Wanna find some people to crucio? *cackle*
from ruz :
Hi, I locked my diary, so if you still want to read about my very uninteresting life, username:Draco password:Harry
from confuzzleded :
yeah hi name.....It's not a stupid question I'm not very computer literate no worries......write back please.....ohh and a great screen name it is
from confuzzleded :
hi how is you um .... im looking for new ppl and your sn caught my eye... well note me back :)
from mojo1915 :
Hello there! May your day be as follows: eat banana pudding and sleep and....Just have a good day, alright.
from drowsiness :
Thanks for telling me about my guestbook, I'm not sure what's going on there but I'll sort it out. love your diary by the way - drowsiness
from memnoch-thed :
Thanx and one good turn deserves another. I'll be reading your entries!

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