Echos of Smoke

These are the echos of a person who used to have a life and now has children. Musings, rants and raves are random and usually misspelled.

My favorite diaries:

tattodnanny profile - diary
comments: 100% Geoffrey Rush cock free! (Not with Dland anymore)
golfwidow profile - diary
comments: Goddess of the HTML template. Thank you! (Not with Dland anymore)
l-empress profile - diary
comments: Golfwidow's mom and a great Lady!
awittykitty profile - diary
comments: Sarcasm, wit and a truely wonderful person
liquid-mojo profile - diary
comments: Found me first.....

My favorite music:

comments: Very Haunting, powerful and empowering.
comments: Everyone needs a little Controversy.
comments: Classic and new all at the same time.
comments: My favorite since high school
Air Supply
comments: The most touching love songs

My favorite movies:

Practical Magic
comments: "Clean up your own mess."
comments: "Hence, all the spitting."
comments: "Let's all stroke together,"
comments: "No, Sir. It's a Tuesday and it will be forgotten tomorrow."
comments: "Bugger me, then!"

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments: Did ya really have to kill him......
Edgar Alan Poe
comments: Master of all macabre
Trisha Telesco
comments: Mistress of wisdom and the kitchen
Brian Lumely
comments: No, the Mobius Strip is NOT a line dance
Phillipa Gregory
comments: I love historical fiction, especialy those of the Tudor times

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