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from srch-n-dstry :
Do as the prompt tells you to do and remember: Search And Destroy.
from wonderless :
The real question is where have YOU been all MY life? Great quote, I left you one in My diary, so check it out. And have you heard that Farside broke up? What a fuckin crime. Lata!
from carebear0068 :
hey whats up? nothing much here..i like your diary and all the movies and music and the other stuff..well, i got to go bye! *leave me a note sometime :)*
from faux-pas :
Sorry to see you've locked up your diary... but I (cravings) know what that's like. I figure, lock it up and start over. Hope you're doing ok.
from synthesis :
ha ha ha ha i left you a note. nyah nyah. i hope you get notified... that i'm thinking of you... bouncing up here and there, like always. throughout time. always.a.
from taintedfate :
What a fucking asshole (that dude Ian in your latest entry). Only the lowest slime on the face of the earth would ever try to make someone feel disgusting in *that* area of life (sexuality). Anyone who would treat another person that way -- I don't care HOW pissed they are or HOW MUCH they "hate" someone, there's NO excuse -- is not even remotely worthy to breathe, let alone taste life or god forbid, ever reproduce themselves. What a fucking slime. If it's over between you and this waste of DNA and protoplasm, count yourself blessed. The door stands wide open now to finding someone of substance to be with. ;-) (just my opinions, hope it doesn't offend).
from synthesis :
i rawk! :) -love-n-hugs-to-lazy-rabidgirl- cheers.q.
from averagegirl :
I like the flow of your words. I can feel them.
from scud :
arwooo. hee
from deadgurls :
fear not my pet...i get the joke. then again, maybe its cuz we share a even tho i'm not your dream boy, i can still read your thoughts. i luv you dream woman! p.s. L-I-N-....
from dbt808 :
so i sign this thing all to often, fucking sue me. i just wanted to say hi in as many ways as possible... i think you're awesome. wishing i could make you smile today ;) - hope to see you soon love... always.a
from dbt808 :
i miss you
from deadgurls :
"i know!!"
from dbt808 :
i don't think its at all funny that you would publicly humiliate my pathetic attempt at reaching out to you. i just want someone to love and to cuddle with who will spank me with assorted whips and vegetables... you know, wild stuff. i hope i didn't ruin my chances with you. i think i love you. ok gotta go run, or i'll be late to blockbuster. email me, please, i'll be dying until i hear from you. your eternal slave: loserboy :) [rabidboyz are bad sometimez]
from dbt808 :
hi rabiddreamgirl... just leavin my sleepy comments in you analyzer... and maybe some crusty eye sleep in the back corner... can't help but pass out in my cube today, but thank you for keepin me company. conversations are wonderful. cheers.a
from narcissa :
you know, i think that we're all looking for that one thing that we can believe in, and when we find that, we know we'll shine. i read other people's entries and i appreciate their power with words, the way they phrase things. but i found myself reading yours and realizing that you managed to articulate thoughts that i have all the time. so that was good. cheers, n.
from apatheticq :
flowers are pretty
from dbt808 :
thank you for deflowering me. :) keep dreaming... cheers.... ..a..
from scud :
why dear rabid, two updates in two days, i AM suprised. and what do we have hear..looks like dear miss.raaaabid, has an admirer. :]
from moshmallow :
hey rabid, um i read yoru diary and i like it i like the way you write and think. i wish we could spend more time together getting to know one another cause your a great person. when im online i seceretly wish you were there so we could talk. lol even tho i dont talk to you when you rhere i dont know what to say ya know. anyways mail me when you get online please and i will respond and be there for you as asson as i get on ok sweetie remember you last email to me lol i must be there to amuse you lol. and i will
from scud :
dear rabid, you said you were going to update. BUT I SEE NO UPDATE. now i must be forced to beat you with a noodle. I am saddened to do it, but i WILL if it'll make you update!

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