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from horseshoes :
Heh, I just got a dose of what your husband recieved! They are replacing me with 3 fulltime employees and a supervisor! I can not believe it. All I wanted was a raise, now it's going to cost them about a hundred grand in salary and benefits to replace me. Serves them right! Jerks.
from princesstosh :
hey there, I clicked on your banner and here I am. Usually I stay away from banners but since you're a texan i couldnt resist :) Just thought I'd tell you that I love your entries and I'll definetly keep coming back to read! Take care!
from horseshoes :
Hi thanks for the tips with work. Things have been crazy for me this last week. I'll e-mail you our webpage address. All of our horses and everything is on there. Thanks for making me one of your favorites too! I'm very flattered. (_)HORSESHOES
from gbg :
Welcome to the Buffy/Angel diaryring! While I'm here, might I reccomend joining Megl42's awesome new diaryring, BTVSthankyou? Just a shameless plug. Please ignore me. ;-)
from jelibeary :
thanks for you note. I know what you mean I was really mad at him when he slept with her too. lol :)
from crazzymum :
Thanks for the note... I actually suffer more from cluster headaches... We still can't get a handle on them. I haven't been updating much lately... been kinda depressed. Thanks for stopping though!
from ranchermom :
Hey send me a picture of monkey [email protected]. Hey on my new layout is the text to blinding to read? Ive been staring at it so long it is for me.
from horseshoes :
Good point about J! (_)HORSESHOES
from horseshoes :
It is kind of a shock that someone's reading! Ha! I really don't think like that when I'm writing. Thanks! The test is at I found it really interesting it bases your age on your lifestyle. Diet, exercise, stress and so on. It takes about half an hour. I read you are in Texas! Lucky, I would love to live down there. We used to sell hay to a couple in Flowermound a few years ago. Race horses. Fort Worth is so neat and so many other horse-y things around there. Well enjoy the test and thanks for reading, nice to know there are other country types on this thing! (_)HORSESHOES

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