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from swordfern :
Do you actually know whether the relationship is meeting her needs? Do you know what her needs are? Does she know what her needs are? Does she express them to you? Is the relationship meeting your needs? ( can take years to figure all of this stuff out... and whether or not it solves things with her, going through the process will help you immensely in the future.) /unsolicited advice
from loveherwell :
don't apologize; i appreciate and look forward to your commentary (unsolicited or otherwise). it still feels unnecessarily hard to fight through that feeling of unworthiness. (logic be damned.) but you're right. thank you.
from loveherwell :
this may seem odd, but i still often think about a piece of advice you left me once. i was excited to see you back briefly. hope you're well.
from hiv :
i, too, started this diary about 15/16 years ago and still find it useful to get hidden thoughts out without startling the people around me. i love reading your entries, so i'm glad you're sticking with it! :)
from loveherwell :
sending some good will out in the universe toward you. hoping you're doing well.
from whosaysthat :
hey. don't worry about making her life worse. she has free will. if she's choosing to be with you it's for a reason. xox
from trainyard :
Wow. I just found your diary again. So beautiful..
from whosaysthat :
your entry about your hair makes me happy.
from loveherwell :
that was legitimately the most helpful thing anyone has said to me so far. seriously, seriously, thank you.

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