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from mickey225 :
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a great day!
from skaistarr :
Happy birthday! have an awesome day and many many more!!!
from kathiec :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day... heck, have a great year! Love and birthday hugs, Kathie
from dombilly :
it's too bad you're leaving. Your blog template is BEAUTIFUL! *gasps* Legsy! Have a very Happy Birthday, Alison. ;)
from mommymartin :
Happy Birthday!
from sketchedpony :
Happy birthday!
from treewillow :
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day.
from thisisjohn :
Thank you very much. I appreciate it.
from beangeled :
Hey Ally haven't talked to you in ages. As you may have seen I closed down grasdesigns, because I just didn't have the nerve anymore to run it. Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to ya on that guestbook entry you wrote, where you told me some pages didn't work. I'm very grateful, that you've always lended me a hand, when it came to designing. Hope we'll talk a bit more again in the weeks and months to come. Take care!
from warmntoasty :
YAY for A-Ha, woohoo!!
from poppyfish :
Yeah, I get those "Well, aren't you tiny," comments, but people never sound pleased to see how tiny I am. :s Actually I'm not really reed-thin, just kind of average-borderline-thin. But I am short, so I can hide behind people too! Hell yeah!
from xxlizzyxx :
i just want to say that youe designs are sooo really amazin wow am so in shock i never knew it could get that beautiful keep the good work :)
from poppyfish :
You keep on having your crushes, and I'll keep on having mine. Sssh, don't tell!
from poppyfish :
SNOOPY! Yeah for Snoopy. Anyway, yeah, my 21 year old brother is backpacking across Europe with a backpack full of condoms. And my little sister is probably going to be all sexual way before I am. It's sad, sad. I get to be the virgin of the family. ;)
from poppyfish :
You mean did I tape Hard Day's Night? No, I didn't, because we rented it from the Blockbuster down the street. I can go rent it any time. :D I'm going to be abusing that privilege, you can bet on it. Oh, and it's horrid that you can't see PoC yet. :( Cruel theatres.
from foxgirl0925 :
Nice diary - I added you to my favorites!
from poppyfish :
How could you NOT watch Priscilla over and over? I'm already wanting to see it again. :D
from poppyfish :
There was a feature on pale skin in Elle, believe it or not. Or was it Vogue? Anyway, lovely Karen Elson talked about how much she adores being white as a lily. I love that girl.
from poppyfish :
Ah, yes, the joys of having skin that will soak up the sun easily and give way to all sorts of diseases. If only I wasn't lily-white, I might be able to proud of myself. :P No, never mind. I'm sure a tan wouldn't change my mindset. ;)
from poppyfish :
Wow, your layout is really, really marvelous. I quite like it. And I know you have good taste in guys, so ... ;) At least two things going for you! :P
from ray0flight :
I love York.
from mojo1915 :
Hello, I am Jesse. I don't know you, but I hope your day is wonderful. :)
from blaubeerhase :
eep! the guestbook didn't accept my entry! well..the time has come..i am tired of my current layout. do you have some tiime on your hands to create one?? :) do you even want to? *eep* :) majaxx
from liebling :
hey hey. i just noticed that you list vex red in your 'listening to' part. uh...i always wanted to check them out. could you maybe recommend 2 or 3 songs that are good to start with?
from ray0flight :
Hello hi.. just wanted to say hello and let you know i miss our little chats
from recall :
hi. you don't know me and probably don't remember leaving me a birthday note more than a week ago, but i wanted to say thank you anyway. it was a nice surprise and made me smile. take care.
from lass-designs :
hey just thought you'd like to know i linked you on my design site...was wondering if you'd return the favour? :) thanks xxx
from lostnotes :
Oh well YAY YOURE MY SAVIOR!! Blink is awesome.
from blaubeerhase :
#2 today....btw i'm gonna be back online for a week from the 22nd...i'd be happy to get some help from you (concerning templates/layouts) then! *innocent smile*
from blaubeerhase :
since the guestbook won't let me sign that soon again... did i actually send the HIM vid to you already??? my memory is turned off lately. :I
from josiedk :
Sorry I didn't speciy myself in my last note to you, I was in a bit of a hurry. My main problem is is I have no idea how to get the HTML for your designs, yes, I know I should zip it from your site but when I click on a link to a design I get an error page from Geocities. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong?
from josiedk :
Just wanted to let you know that none of your designs on your site are working, I'm not sure what to do to get them to work either. Bye
from weymouth66 :
Thanks for the birthday wishes, love x x
from ray0flight :
Hey girl... we haven't talked in so long! I just wanted to let you know that I am no longer updating Smushy but I have started a new diary! The OF is actually zero-F not OF :)
from tornlace :
thank you SOOOOOOOO much :)
from diesel03 :
Thank yoooouuu!
from yuta-shohei :
hi~! thanks for that biirthday message! :)
from beautify :
Hey Alison - it's Candace. I'm spamming you, haha. No, not really, since I'm not sending this message to a billion other people. I just wanted to let you know I made a forum for Beautify designers to join. So go join, man! (the url is case-sensitive)
from ibreatheyoun :
I was wondering if I could use your laybrith layout, cuz Im like OBSESSED with that movie. And I just love Thanks..
from ontheoutside :
ohhhhhhhh boomspeed's taking new accounts today (for the time being) go check it out! :)
from marn :
I thank you from the bottom of my heart. He is going to be so insanely embarrassed by this! Bwahahahaha
from ontheoutside :
i meant "a photoshop" lol i type to fast. i didn't know boomspeed wasn't allowing at the time, oops! i just signed up for an account there like, two weeks ago! what do you use to make your images? paintshop?
from crazybabee :
hey hey.... free layouts duh work anymore :S whats going on?
from junior89 :
hey I got your tatty bear one and SOMETIMES the image works and sometimes it doesn't, know whats up?
from lexx-starr :
ur layouts are so great! your really talented. i was wondering if you coudl make me a layout of stars(stars that look real) and add an about me and playlist section. if you cant its ok. just please let me know. again great job on ur layouts!
from lil-kender :
Happy Valentine's Day! ^_^*
from junior89 :
thanks! you are so great! <3
from junior89 :
hey I really like your Avril layout, I was wondering if you can make one for me with everything that is on that one but I want a small "about me" and "playlist" section as you made on that Elijah one :) thanks, and please let me know!
from uncalledfor :
Hey, i was just looking through your layouts. They are nice, i like a lot of them. I've been trying to find a layout with the band good charlotte on it, maybe black and neon green for the colors. Just leaving a suggestion for if you feel like making a new one =)
from a-splinter :
thank you so much for your birthday wishes.
from reelthing :
hello, how are you doing today! I hope things are going well for you keep smiling darling.
from shibbychic :
Hey, I noticed that you said you'd been on the DH bbs...just the other day I went to the very back page of the GD board, and got the last post I could, and bumped it. lol...I just realized that it was one you replied to. boredom is driving me nuts. Later!
from babywish :
Hi!I was wondering how to get a custom design.I love your designs.It is sooo fabulous.Please email me at [email protected] P.S:I love your diary's design.The tatty bear one.
from reviewscars :
Want to get Reviewed? Than get reviewed by the new review site for Diaryland!! It's review scars, brought to you by one of the reviews from Candid-Revu - Vikki!! This is not a spam message, we are just letting you know that we are open!!
from candid-revu :
Want your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu for your reviewing pleasure ;) *This isn't spam, we just want everyone to know we're open for business!* (shameless promotion, we know…) ps. is it wrong to come to your diary just to view the imageS?
from jen69 :
happy birthday. hope you have a great day. jen
from crybabycry :
I just joined diaryland, and i used your free design::this star shines for you.and I'm having some trouble..please email me and let me help me if you can..thanks! [email protected]
from diesel03 :
Ahh! Alison! :) I tried sendin' you an email, but it sent me a message saying your storage limit is over what it is supposed to be. My reply to your last email was, "Only if you want to." :)
from smushy :
glad you are back!!
from greenmind :
Hi! I just wonder that would you say your opinion about one pic which I made? *blush* I know it's very amateur but... Please? ~Shaltra []
from amber163 :
Im using the piglet layout, but the image is not showing up, i saved it to my hard drive(ranchoweb was down) do you think thats the reason why its not working? Other then that everything else is great, i love the layouts!! Keep up the good work!!
from smushy :
Thank you muchly for the Christmas card! Its so cute :)
from cheerchic06 :
The Eowyn layout is great. I am happy your coming out with a bunch of LoTR layouts. It makes me happy. I am going to use the eowyn one for now until i find one to perfect that one :) excellent work!
from greenmind :
Hey! I just have to use that Legolas "he stands not alone" layout. I lost my heart for it! Thanks for doing such a great layout, especially about Leggie! ~Shaltra
from shibbychic :
:) I've picked out my lyric. lol. Its from Spin, "When the music feels like this, when you lose control you gotta go with it, ten feet high, flyin' above the sky, your problems don't exist, when music feels like this" Yea, couldn't really find anything else, and its my favorite Darren song. So thats it :)
from shibbychic :
*was stumped as to which guestbook to sign* So I'll leave you a note :) But thank, I wasn't sure if anyone was readingmy diary! And thanks for remembering my design. :) I'm hoping the membership will go through, or there will be a lot of drama around here ;) Happy New Year!
from rubygirl :
Ah! I feel loved <3! That's gotta be the longest note I've ever gotten :P But yes, you were making sense :P Before my picture was inverted it was normal but my sister said it would look nice if it was inverted. Glad you like it ^^ So, the font looks cool? That's good :D Just one of the really cheap layouts I thought I'd make ^_^ Took me awhile to find the right picture that I wanted though. Probably might try another new one in a while.. I thought of yet another I idea.. leave it to me eh..? Hopefully it'll work..? Oh well I hope you too have a happy New Year!! ::huggle:: ^^
from darkeone :
Something to do with storms, I think. Your designs capture the essence of the eternal (and perhaps invisible) 'moment', no matter what moment you choose to aim for and I like this. A lot. But yes, perhaps something melancholy, and bittersweet with a rain/storm kinda connection. hoz XX
from cheerchic06 :
I think you should do some more Lord Of The Rings layouts. Like some of aragorn and arwen together would be cute. Maybe one of aragorn called "king in exhile" and eowyn..I seriously want one of eowyn and I cant find one anywhere. Just some suggestions. Good Luck! Ill check back time to time
from legolass :
hiya, i tried to sign ur guestbook but it took ages, so i clicked it a couple of times, i apologise sooooooo much if i hav spammed you guestbook!!!! :( i didnt mean 2 ut when i left there wasnt any post from me... anyway just to let u know i'm using the Orlando therapy design and i love it!!! i'm sure i'll be bak to change it in bout 5 minutes tho :P thank you so much!!!!!! xxx
from rubygirl :
Yes, and to you too, although I hope to talk to you before then
from ejsaturn615 :
Hey, I'm just dropping this note to let you know that I'm taking your *this star shines for you* layout. come visit it if you want.
from ejsaturn615 :
Hey, I'm just dropping this note to let you know that I'm taking your *this star shines for you* layout. come visit it if you want.
from rubygirl :
Ah yes, Good old Garfield. You can always rely on him eh? But thank you again ^_^
from darstar :
hi :) yea, I've heard about when there were two bbses hehe There's now only the sony one plus the one for the fanclub. I joined in january so I wasn't exactly around when there were two lol if you have time, you should come visit us all at the bbs :)
from elgareternal :
I'm using your Rain layout; thank you!
from freakishgrl :
wow. i am IMPRESSED. damn, ur designs are amazing. i'm speechless. well, u keep creating more, cuz i'll be back!!
from rinramiel :
myuniverse: don't normally allow images to be hosted off-site. Try instead, its also free. Let me know if you would like me to help you to put the correct URLs into the coding :)
from rinramiel :
myuniverse: I can't help you as I have no way of contacting you. If you read this, please sign my guestbook at and leave your email address :) I will get back to you.
from myuniverse :
ok it only has the pic now when i type in instead of just ?!? can u help
from myuniverse :
ok i used one of your designs for my page but saved the image to . unfortunately it won't load the pic. do u know what's wrong with it?
from smushy :
It feels like forever and I am getting really annoyed now.. your stuff may be frozen half way across the ocean!
from smushy :
I really like this layout... its pretty.. anyway i wanted to know if you got the parcel yet? can u let me know??
from soulfully :
you're too nice - I appreciate it.
from soulfully :
Hey - thanks for the feedback. I changed it today so if you can take another look and gimme your stamp. Also, I just realized I edited in image for a friend and used your html expertise his diaryland username is blackchuck - so check that out too. I appreciate you being so kind...
from diesel03 :
Ah, I love your new layout, Alison! It's awesome! :) Gotta love Savage Garden.
from soulfully :
I was wondering if you would be totally opposed to me changing the images in a layout? I did read the rules, after I changed the images - you can go take a look, its up now - if you hate it - let me know and I'll take it down and find another layout.
from wild-reviews :
Hey, I have a question for you. On my guestbook page there is text at the top that normally goes under the submit button. I don't see it in the HTML anywhere, and I don't know how to put it in the right place. If you could help, I would greatly appreciate it. If you don't understand what I'm saying just let me know, cause I'm not sure I understood what I just wrote. And by the way, thanks so much for the design, I got tons of compliments on it. :)
from diesel03 :
When you say football, you mean soccer, right? lol. I'm say, do a design on.. Rugby? Isn't that a popular sport over there? Or is it here? lol. I just don't know Alison. The skater thing is cool. I like the one you did. How about water polo?! HeHe. I didn't think so either.
from herinapotter :
Hi, it's me again. I got the jester font installed again, and I now have jester typing back on my diary. But for some reason it still doesnt look right. ...Am I still missing somethign?? ...Heh, thanks. Bye.
from jessica58 :
If you'd like to do the review, you sure can. If you don't want to though, I'm there for it. It's up to whatever you'd like to do.
from jessica58 :
Hi. I'm part of your reviewing team and you put that polkadot person under my name and your name to review. Just wondering who's doing the review so we both don't end up posting it. Thanks.
from smushy :
i will do a review or two if u want to give me some it looks like we have alot sitting around...
from smushy :
awesome.. i will keep my fingers crossed.. if anyone deserves it it's u
from diesel03 :
You're gonna kick me in my ass.. I KNOW it... I feel so bad, but my entry isn't scrolling now.. is that what you were saying before? How you couldn't see the whole entry? Maybe it was. I don't know. Okay, I'm leaving now. Thank you again, Alison!
from diesel03 :
Ahhh! Thank you, Alison! It's wonderful! I only have 2 questions and you are more than welcome to say no considering you have done so much for me already. My visits/buddies section on the layout aren't showing all the buddies and there are no scrolls.. :( So, I was wondering if that was my fault. Also, could you possibly make my entries a scroll instead of reaching all the way down the page? If it wouldn't work right, then that's okay. Not a big deal. Thanks, Alison! You're the coolest.. hehe
from smushy :
I can see your image!
from diesel03 :
Hey Alison! I couldn't get her review done because none of her links work for me. Joanne didn't know what was going on either. So, if you can use her links, than sure.. be my guest. I'm kind of busy as of now anyways, so I don't have a lot of time for reviews.
from diesel03 :
PIGLET! :) I love it!
from diesel03 :
Aaw! That's so cute! Your puppy sounds like a sweetheart. Poor thing. :( I hope he doesn't get stung anymore, but somehow, he seems prone to it.
from outdated :
hey there. =) your layouts are lovely! i'm trying to use the "rain" one...but i can't get the image to show up! i don't know if it's just my server or if i'm retarded. sigh. but HOPEFULLY i'll figure this mofo out. =) anyway...thanks for your beautiful design & creativity! wooo. peace.
from sxyangel :
hey i juss used ur my thoughts flow with the breeze layout. thanks!
from smushy :
I love your new layout!
from diesel03 :
Ahh! Why can't I read your diary? :( *sniffles*
from diesel03 :
Do you think I sign your notes enough? Wow, am I annoying? I HAVE to be by now. Sheesh. I think I need to give your notes a break! :) I just wanted to say I'm enjoying reading about your holiday &... dun dun dun.. I found an image I absolutely fell in absolute LOOOOOOOOVE with! Ah! :)
from diesel03 :
Have a wonderful time on your vacation Alison! Come back with some pictures! :)
from okielion08 :
I have a special entry for you, you might want to check it out christie( the newest reviewer)
from diesel03 :
Yeah, okay, as soon as I posted that, it started working again. Fucker. lol. Sorry about that. I think I'll just save the image just in case. Sounds like a good idea, right? Sheesh, I tell ya. HeHe :)
from diesel03 :
Hey Alison, sorry to bother you. My image isn't working on my diary. I wasn't sure if it's just my image or not, but I just thought I'd tell you, & let you know. :) Thanks a bunch!
from diesel03 :
Thanks! I was hoping I would be able to live up to the expectations of you & Joanne. :) I hope I am doing a good job. Oh & btw, I found an AWESOME anime picture yesterday! I'm in total love with it. Maybe in a little while I'll ask if you could do something with it for me, but for now.. I still cannot get enough of my new layout. OMG, I'm in total love with it! :) Talk to you later, Alison! :)
from smushy :
go check out the review page!! deign look familiar!
from clarinerd :
Hiya, thanks for joining the middle-earth diaryring!
from unique-views :
a million people signed up the last few days so I had to change around our pending lists.. we each have 5 to do!! please get to them soon so we can clear up all the back log! thanks!!
from lifted-hands :
hey Alison, how do you get your gbook to be in tha entry section like you have it?
from diesel03 :
Hey Alison! It's me, Nikki.. :) Since you can't get into your email, I've decided to leave you a message for now. I LOVE my layout! It's the BEST one yet. You did an awesome job & I appreciate it more than anything! :) I did send you 2 emails, so when you do get a chance to read 'em, please email me back. Once again, thank you SO SO SO SO MUCH!
from jenreviews :
hey! you're review is up!
from tsukihoshi :
whoo! nevermind, Alison! I just need to use a different browser. so there's nothing wrong. hehe sorry for bugging ya.
from tsukihoshi :
uh oh Alison... yeah, It's me again... Anyway, there's something wrong with my diary again! ahhh! Half the entry isn't there and the older entries look messed up too... are they supposed to look like that? Should I just find a different layout? oh my... I'm being a bother... sorry =\
from tsukihoshi :
I need help...... I tried using one of your layouts and the text is going below the picture. I though, like on the layout example, the text was suposed to be on the pic. Like the pic being the background image.... but I can't seem to figure out why it isn't working... If you know why, sign my guestbook at thanks.
from smushy :
I sent you an email? Did you get it??
from smushy :
Thanks for signing up for a review (unique reviews) I would love for you to review with me if you are interested... let me know if you still are and I will send you some reviews to start right away!! :)
from unique-views :
come and sign up for a review!
from annlili :
O_o we're eternally grateful for that :P fancy dress party.. umm.. go as... as.... arwen?
from imandra :
thank you for joining my Vamp diary ring
from ravenheart :
Thanks for joining my Frodo and my Nightheart ring, you are welcome, take care!

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