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ghostiness profile - diary
comments: I will take good care of Cardboard Spike. Maybe too good.....
pastagirl profile - diary
comments: "32) I love pasta (surprise, huh?) "
ladiscrete profile - diary
comments: "O.K, I saw this movie: it?s a load of bullshit. But I'll sell it anyway. I?ll manage to make those idiots buy it no matter what. Mwahahaha!"
dacoso profile - diary
comments: "Is it a problem that the cat likes to play with used Q-Tips? Perhaps. That he repeatedly tries to eat them? Without a doubt."
rurisue profile - diary
comments: "Either I've been maturing without my permission, or monsters dull in comparison to my everyday life (thus their appearance as slightly shy little fuzzballs). "
augustdreams profile - diary
comments: "I love having my hair brushed. Brush my hair and I will love you forever."
fuck-freud profile - diary
comments: Just the best...
malinkaa profile - diary
comments: "If there were a band in my school I so would be a groupie. Catching them before the shows and begging them to sign my boobs. Ah, the possibilities. "
tasukitoad profile - diary
comments: "While Microsoft's alliance with Satan and subsequent plans for world domination are kinda bad, the *real* evil that needs to be exposed is the fact that the Windows operating system cheats at "Hearts." "
samedi profile - diary
comments: "Oh great, I've suddenly started rambling. "
guttermind profile - diary
comments: "I liked that scene so much that on the way to the theatre I was the one performing it. In my mind yes, but it was me and Colin Farrell in a room and we... *coughs* Sorry, I don't think anyone has to hear that."

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One fine day

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