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from lunchmunny :
Are you updating in secret? Care to share? I miss you.
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from everoboto :
You bitch! I know you went to see Eddie Izzard! The word is out! BTW, hi, I'm Eve Roboto, nice to meet you. Cake or death? \m/
from trancejen :
Dude, good luck with the child support. I practically had to eat glass to get mine, but at least now the fucker pays on a regular basis.
from caspia :
Hey fellow Minnesotan! If you're a fan of the Wild, or love the Twins, please join the Wild, or Twins-fan diaryrings. Let everyone know we support them. Thanks and have a great day.
from dernhelm :
U.G.L.Y. Mreheheh. That song makes me laugh. And as for "ee-lax", that's adorable. ;D
from spotliterr :
HEY! Way to go kcikign smoking, I myself have recently quit, it's been 12 days... the first 72 hours are the worst, so congrats. The chest pain does go away, but just WAIT until your lungs start puking up all the crap they've been holding back. It's really rather amazing, while being altogether disgusting.
from amblus :
"Leave rudey a fucking note, NOW!" Yes, I'm totally with you on the Kiefer love. I think I fell for him the most when I read an interview in which he declared his love for a) David Bowie and b) horses. Man of my dreams, second only to Jude Law. Okay then.
from hotwaffle :
You amuse me, and you defend the french, this makes you cool!!!!!
from rumblelizard :
I think this definitely might be a bucket-o-vodka kind of night.
from marn :
Keh, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm going to look into getting a tee shirt made for him with the words "wangitude, stamina and prowess" as his gag gift from me. Having him become Google's Mr. Wangitude will be the icing on the birthday cake.
from sparklejaxie :
Hey you. Just passing by.. Read a few entries back, and I'm sorry that you've had such a string of crappy days. :\ *hugs* :) That's all :P
from marn :
Kehla, everybody's system is different. I mean, my sister has Periods of Death, and me, I would get a little light cramping from time to time but nothing serious. I was kind of worried about menopause because Paul's mom went pretty much Fruit Loops through hers and the craziness lasted a long time. It seems to be all about the hormone fluctuations and mine seem to less severe than what some women face. Your poor mom. This can't be any picnic for her or for the family :(
from marn :
Woo HOO. Andrew said he would try to fix that weblog bug this week so people can post to Amazons in weblog format. I'll let you know when he does.
from marn :
Kehla, this guy sounds like a keeper.
from marn :
If ... if ... if only my parents were still alive to see this! Marn, Douche Bag. (And yes, I had a brain fart and left the note in my own notes. Pish and tosh.
from marn :
It's true. We need more douche bags.
from marn :
Yeah, I'm going to miss him. He really was a character. This new guy is all stiff ... I'm guessing it's because he's a brand new dentist and he's not comfortable yet in the job. I'm not hoping for too much, Kehla. He was playing Kylie freakin' Minogue! That is just so wrong in a place that was once the temple o' Glen Campbell and Phil Collins.
from rudey :
Well, rabbits can't compete with my passion, love is in fashion, for me and my chocolate.
from marn :
Milk chocolate with a few mystery nuts sprinkled through it. After two weeks under the carrots, it might also have a certain allure to rabbits, as well. Oh, and I think it's spermicidal, as well.
from marn :
Crazed on drugs AND left-handed? CAN IT GET ANY WORSE? Huh? HUH?
from marn :
from rudey :
Ah! But I am left-handed also!
from marn :
Sure. The point is, words are our palettes. Me, I'm cartooning so I'm going for vivid silliness. What's important is that we each give a glimpse into who we are. For me to sound like you would be wrong; I'm a 51-year-old tree-hugging lefty living in a log cabin in the woods. The big outline of who I am is long drawn, what's happening now is shading. You are a 20-something single mom living in a city still deciding who you are and who you will be.
from marn :
But see, if you really love silliness as I do, then you really love euphemisms. Euphemisms are the epitome of silliness. Cussing is straight ahead and boring for me; it's the equivalent of going for the box with the eight crayons in it when you COULD grab the box with 128 colours. It's much more fun for me to think of a silly way to say something. I mean, yelling the word "rectum" at someone is inherently more silly than the straight ahead "asshole" right?
from picassomoon :
dry sockets are hell i don't think your a baby at all...... try mouthwash and stuff thats minty it will help a little... i think i sucked on peppermints and if they didn't inform you...... no straws thats how i got dry sockets in BOTH sides and had to work 50 hours that week as well it was a barrel of laughs!
from marn :
Having read about your Hallowe'en costume, I figured that you had the verb "cavort" written all over you, eh. Hopefully you didn't use permanent marker ...
from marn :
These are just glorified soap operas. Do NOT let anyone tell you differently. It's just that what with the tony accents and period costumes we can watch them and delude ourselves into thinking they have cultural merit. *Snort*. Kehla, I actually saw that banner the other night and laughed because I immediately thought of you making some eye-rolling reference to another similar banner.
from saint-louise :
You know, it's funny, but I thought the same thing when I saw the movie and realized that they changed it. Because the ads made me laugh when she said "eye." Not so much with "ass." Even with as much as I find assiness hilarious, because I'm goddamned mature. I think they were trying to make Heather more "hard core" or some such nonsense. Like Janeane needs it. Puh-lease, baby. Whatevah.
from saint-louise :
Hmmm. From what I remember, the ads they showed for it had her saying "eye" (because, my god - don't say "ass" on television! think of the children!), but in the movie itself she said "ass." Thanks. And stuff.
from rumblelizard :
I thought it was pretty cool....I hope the Ultimate Zombie Weapon shows up in my next zombie nightmare. It kicked some ass, despite being like a small engine block to lug around. Also, there's this strange woman in my notes saying wierd shit and then saying "Big lesbian smooches at you!" Eeep!
from beckymojo :
awwww...i wanna be, wanna be like mike! it is a darling name. i am sure her cute little face lives up to it too!
from dernhelm :
NO! I love reading your diary! I'm going to miss you, damnit!
from marn :
No? NO???? Oh me oh me oh my
from marn :
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. "You take the good, You take the bad, You take them both and there you have The Facts of Life, The Facts of Life ..." (Bet you won't get that old theme song out of your head for HOURS). Nah, I don't have your brain--my guess is it crawled behind the fridge for a short break ;-) The sad truth is my kid is just a few years older than you are so I've been through it all vicariously--My Little Pony, She-Ra, Tranformers, Pee Wee, The Facts of Life ... aye yi yi.
from emperorincxt :
that bit of french translation nonsense is INSANE i nearly broke my self and i read four lines.. my god.. will the wonders never cease?? keep rollin..
from thecritic :
I found your diary to be a heart warming tale of the triumph of the human spirit! *snickers* yeah I couldn't keep a straight face typing that but I found it to be really hilarious!
from kirliecue :
Hey... I work for a music promotions company in Atlanta called Wiley Music. I was wondering if you might be interested in helping out with a project we have coming up in Minneapolis that you could earn $75 for. If you'd like more information, please email me at [email protected]. Thanks!
from audreyii :
youre diary is hilarious...thanks for the great read.
from sol1sugarsky :
hey, who's the new guy you work with that looks like Shannon Hoon???!???!?! I'd love to get an email addy...I'm a Blind Melon addict, and I miss Shannon deeply...It would make me happy to see someone that actually even has 1% of the inner beauty he me at [email protected]! Thanks!! Great diary by the way!!!! Peace, Love & Shannon!
from toothbrush :
Hey Rudey! It's "brush with teeth". You cannot appreciate it, however it will never fail to amuse me. Ha ha.
from lapisllong :
from jaxgrrl :
thank you so much, for brightening up my sunday evening - i tied a tube sock around my cat and he fell right the fuck over. he tried to run, but his ass kept crashing into stuff. oh, i laughed so hard my stomach hurts.
from dialzero :
Whoo, yep, that IS cute! Templates are like underwear--feels good to change every once in a while, yeah?
from dialzero :
Pfft. Was that a dis? Well uh... you smell! PS. ::whine:: I wanna know how to check google hits, too.
from adamsbaby :
Merry Christmas!!
from savvy212 :
#1. you rock. serious. my dream is to one day join the beer clan (sigh). you are SO right about that papa roach bullshit, that kind of semantic stuff pisses me off too....#2. how the hell do you check your google stats?? you must tell me. curiosity kills. thank you very much.
from allfalldown- :
i also fell into the void of bannerland. and just like person before me, i'm also glad i did. If it makes you feel any better, i don't know my size in women's underwear, either. It's little boys' briefs for me!
from motherlode :
clicked your banner, and right glad i did. will be back.
from cdghost :
soitis! so it is,, so it is.. but better? words=good,, ur words=excellente!
from rudey :
This is just like a guestbook!

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