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from enigma104 :
hmm... I don't know if you'll read this, seeing as you've seemingly left DLand, but ho hum. So thanks so much, and unfortunately, you're right, a lot of people do think it's shameful, which, for lack of better words, really sucks. But ah well. Talk to ya later, cheers
from hardhead :
Just read your last entry(Easter). Just wanted to tell you good luck with him katie, I know how much you care for him, and I felt like I could definitely relate to that last entry. The physical side only occurs because the emotional side is already in it's right place, correct? Well yeah, just wanted to tell you that. And figured I'd say hello. So...hello.
from enigma104 :
Hey, yeah that entry was about you, I hope you don't mind. I had no idea you still read my journal. Hope your dad's okay
from scars-unseen :
I absolutely ADORE you're new diary template, hun! And you are SO cute.
from plaidpride :
hun, I changed the password to my diary so the password is manson. bye! <3 Love, Lindy
from plaidpride :
hun, I changed the password to my diary so the password is manson. bye! <3 Love, Lindy
from dontbelieve :
hey, do you think i could get the password for your diary? thanks. see ya.
from gehennachild :
No reading of the diary of Katie. :( Mary is sad, but shall live with that fact... I guess. *sob* Well, just in case you haven't been reading mine, Dan and I broke up last Thursday. I hope your life's better than mine right now.
from punk-munkie :
What is with the sudden needing a username and password to read your diary ... ? It is a sad day in the neighborhood ...
from nightro :
hey, im gettin a new diary in case you cared haha. [email protected] maybe now i can write about stuff without my sister flipping shit.
from insideaway :
Hey, is there any way I can get your password?
from gehennachild :
Hey Katie, dearest. Well, it's good to see that your life is back on track... For now. Hey, you're my "daughter", so one can assume that you inherited the "Hey life's good!!! ...Crap, where'd it go" syndrom from me. It runs in the women on my mom's side, apparently. JOY! Something to look forward to! No, I'm kidding. I'm sure life'll be fine. If not, I guess I'll just have to kill whoever is making it miserable for you. :-D
from insideaway : just took the words right out of my mouth with that song. And I can't help myself either. Why must these things be so difficult??!!! I don't think I'll ever understand...
from cateldragon :
im sorry to hear about ur split, but at least it was a mutual one rather than a big painful split. hope your doing well and that your ok
from lynseysam :
hi im new here i joined lastnite i thought your profile was cool so i added you to my faveourites if you dont mind that is:)
from downforever :
Hey, this is Casey (foreverDOWN). I moved my journal to "downforever". Just letting you know so you could remove foreverDOWN and if you want you can add downforever in its place. Thanks!
from theaurie :
Don't bother trying to get into this diary. I'm deleting it because i switched addresses. The new address is
from insideaway :
Burnt-page here, I've moved to a new diary as you can probably tell. Just thought I'd let you know. Later gator. By the way Amy Lee is probably one of the most beautiful people in existence if you ask me!
from lostimmortal :
Ok, I'm a big freak for not knowing you had this diary too! But, anyway, I was reading through your "Scarlet" section... and I can't believe how MUCH we have in common. It's uncanny. Wow. OH yes! I was going to tell you this when I signed your guestbook on your other site, but I forgot... lack of sleep is getting to my brain. Anyway, if you haven't heard the band Ours, check them out. Based on your list of bands, I think you'll like them. The lead singer has an amazing voice. (Ok... done filling up your notes now. Tee hee...)
from burnt-page :
Thanks for the sunshine, I appreciate it!
from burnt-page :
Atleast something good happened to someone around here. I'm glad you're happy. Now, can you send me a ray of sunshine over here? Pretty please! And I'm with you on the Buffy thing. It's just not gonna be the same without it. And Spike was my fave too. Spike the man!
from dazedlover :
So whos this mystery friend that...your growing close to again? huh huh?
from smichelleg :
i feel your pain about buffy ::frowns:: added you to my favorites. check it out. - Caitlyn
from burnt-page :
That last entry of yours, yeah I totally get it. That is me in a nutshell. Music + books = me happy and alone.
from foreverdown :
You don't have to have this guy, and you don't have to look for him. I heard something really awesome the other day. If God can't fill all of your desires and holes then no one can. That guy may be out there, and I believe you will find him one day. I have found that when I am not looking for a girlfriend I end up with one.... and a good one at that. I think you should relax and not sweat the "having a boyfriend" stuff. Pray for God's will... pray that he sends someone that you can love and that will love you back. That is all you can do for now. If you start trying to pick guys and see if they can be "the guy" in your head then you will probably end up convincing yourself that the wrong guy is the right guy. The right guy will come and if you continue on without trying to find him all will be beautiful. This is just my perspective on things. Have a beautiful day...
from malinkaa :
"Where will you go" by Evanescence. God I love that song. Love the whole CD.
from riffer :
you added a password to your diary. and i know you dont know me. but i was wondering if i could possibly have it.. just email it to me if i can.. [email protected] thanks tiff
from writeraurie :
I'm writing you a note, because you had my old diary, on your diaryland buddylist. And i'd just like to tell you, that i've moved to I'm letting it be known that THIS diary is fictional. Gracias! ~Aurie
from erinyes16 :
I'm bored so I'm writting in your notes. Oh the joy of your notes. lalalalalalalala. hmm....I have no clue what that was about. ttyl
from holdmeup :
just wanted to tell you that i think your diary is awesome.

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