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from artsykelly :
Sarah Anne (bluekitten) and I started an old skool dlanders group on facebook. Its secure and invite only, so if you're curious - find me at artsykelly at gmail and I'll get you an invite!!
from limes-sugar :
I hate when someone has an Ug behbeh. happens. tis a shame indeed!
from limes-sugar :
oh noes!! i put the password in my computer that crashed. can i have again pls ma'am? lfheathATgmailDOTcom
from prolifique :
Congratulations, Mom. :-)
from prolifique :
So ya know, that person who is TOTALLY camping in your archives is me, and I'm harmless. So don't be alarmed if you look at your stats, k? :)
from artsykelly :
CONGRATS ON THE BABY MAKING! There are no old skoolers writing anymore :( I'm writing again and it's lonely. But you are here! And it makes me smile. HEART.
from lying2god :
Baby steps, dear. My new theory on life. One day at a time, and f*ck the rest of the shit. I'm trying to be happy, honestly I am.
from niceslut :
Hiya Schmez..........fellow warrior in the war on depression. Email me eh? [email protected]
from ghostie :
Is schmez anything like smegma? Don't laugh I'm serious!
from anenigma :
i love you.
from ska-t :
Get on with it... when I leave, I leave without a trace, as well. No looking back. And I don't want to be an excuse for cake consumption, either. Guess there won't be many attending our funerals, no? I've been checking in with you for a while... and hope for your return. And I say To Myself, What a Wonderful World.
from boardybabe :
hey there, just thought id let u know ur one of my fav diaries, i really enjoy reading it. it gives me a good laugh, although im not sure if thats what i laugh at is what i should laugh at, get it? nah me neither. keep it up mate
from gaja :
Schmezy Schmz, I'm gonna be a mom!
from marzipan1026 :
You're a manic! You just crack me up!
from micahth :
RE People do seem to meet in the oddest of places. In theory, Christianity and pleasure are incompatiable but thankfully most Christians don't really believe in the faith that strongly.
from partyflower :
I've been reading your diary since I came to diaryland......What??? A Kid??? Where did that come from????? Seriously, I've been meaning to tell're awesome!
from danirific :
Sheesh. Is your guestbook going to be down forever? I signed it before saying that I got msn messanger again but I think it has been down ever since. So if you didn't get a chance to see that message... I got msn messanger again! Heh. Add me to yer list. [email protected] I LUFF YOU!!!!! :)
from fuzzmom : dad uses that inhaled asthma medicine powder crap, and it seems to work wonders for him. Sure hope it does the same for you. Have a good 'un.
from woogie :
you have every right to send Bill that email. I can't stand it when I've been doing something right, and the one time I mess up my boss makes it sound like it's an everyday occurance!!! Once in 4 years,does not a pattern make and I despise being told it should not happen again. WTF, like it's done everyday???? and again, WTF!!!!! And then for Bill to send a "worldwide" email, that was not called for. So therefore, in my most valued opinion, the email you sent Bill was not only fair, but justified. So don't beat yourself up!!!! Have a great weekend, knowing you put upper management in it's place!! :o)
from foamreveries :
Yes! you sooo have to do this. I completely share you abhorration of notes and public chastization. I do think that it was wrong for your boss to send a staff-wide email. Talk about partronizing. damn. Besides, you're right, and it will make you feel better.
from starsurfer :
It is "boosh". I took French too *mwahaha* and you pronounce it "ferme la boosh". That entry was a knee-slapper though. Funny sh!t right there...
from ivil :
from lying2god :
I miss you. Come back soon, would ya?
from anenigma :
Waaa, Waaaa, I want my schmezzie!!!!
from drugged :
yesssssh, thank you. i'm pretty proud of my growing hair. you know what i got? little scrunchie things that are made of fake hair instead of fabric. i got them for like $3 at clairs and i love them! they're wonderful! so i just put pig tails and fasten those things around them rather than scrunchies. it's quite an elaborate process. har har har. anyway, have a wonderful day. ah luff yew!
from sonrisatuya :
I ran across your diary via Roadiepig's favorite list. (Thanks Roadiepig) I loved your entry about Tim. It made me tear up and giggle ("Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion." Truvy from Steel Magnolias;played by Dolly Parton). Needless to say I will be back! Take care.
from drugged :
hey, did you know these things exsisted? i sure didn't! someone drunk is sleeping on my couch and snoring quite loudly. i like you! i'm gonna go now.
from foamreveries :
that Ad report card was priceless. at least i'm not the only one who thought those commercials were lame when they were trying for retro kitisch.
from roadiepig :
Hey schmez......I don't know if you cook much but.... I posted my world famous(ok,family favorite) Zuchinni soup recipe today(Saturday August 25th).Try it and let me know if you like it.It is simple and quick to make,and even Codeman likes it.That is a major accomplishment,because it isn't pizza or hamburgers.Click on my homepage link to see it. Also,thanks for adding me to you favorite diarys list.It is an honor!
from siopup :
not to put pressure on you, but keep updating. ok? ok. thanks.
from foamreveries :
AHHH... a true blond! Christina-I'm-gonna-crimp-myself-an-Afro-AguDUMBCUNTleria definately needs to die! I guess a brain is not a pre-resquite for a set of vocal cords. Must run in the family of singers that have the winning exhibition of the I'm-gonna-open-my-mouth-as-wide-as-I-can trait.
from foamreveries :
Ha ha! I really enjoy reading your diary, it's the shit! But then you already know that or you wouldn't have so many fans, eh? Well add one more to that list. Rae
from methybeth : Followed you here from Donnyland, and I must say, thank you for saying that. Pussy is a beautiful thing, even IN granny bloomers, and for the Love of GOD-- "you can't put makeup on that shit?" Quiet, don't give the Revlonites ideas. Incoherent, I know. Just wanted to say I agree, and you're a helluva good writer.
from pip :
today, in gym class, i bent over to pick up a volleyball and i gave my coach an erekshun! LOL, LOL!!! :O)
from snidegrrl :
Congrats on getting "hitched" as they say. I am going to do it shortly and I know I will be terrified. I already am. It's good to read that someone else was too. Read my diary if you uh, feel like it, but be warned, I'm a big hippie. Cheers!
from strongerthan :
two cheers for Fiona. (I found her, well, interesting.) and we all know we wanna spite someone's face every once in a while !
from sulla :
Thanks ever so much for signing my analyser. I�ve been reading you ever since the drunken entry, and you are hilarious. Keep it up, Schmezaroo! Sulla
from pip :
i know ALL the rockstars. okay, honey?!?! ALL OF THEM. you know, like... PRINCE!!!!!
from pip :
yr cooler than any rockstar ive ever known. you know?
from malkavia :
Oh please. =) Schmez is like a household name! Its Schmez.... its schmez... its better than bad its good! Everyone wants a Schmez, got to have a Schmez... Schmez.. by Blammo. =)
from lanie2 :
Bitch! What you mean you found me? Heh. I'd totally forgot I'd filled out this thing for that name. I was gonna start using it instead of my other famous one but changed my mind. Hell, I'm a woman. I can do that legally. It's in the law books. And for all you other losers..this diary is passworded. Trust me when I say you don't want to read it.
from bonkrood :
Just wanted to say that you're cooler than cool.
from gaja :
I shall make a specific point to strip my mind of any type of undie wonderings. I don't think that I really wanna know anyway, you're right... *shudder* :P
from artsykelly :
if you tell me you are going to steal them, is it stil stealing? anyways, i like you too. if i transfer to SCAD, i'll be sure to harass you and qred. MUWAHAHA. *kelly
from the-one :
OMG girl you are f*cking hysterical!!! I like so have to totally read this sh*t more often. Thanks for signing my page...hope you come back, maybe we can have tea. ( i dont really like tea, but i think thats what people drink when they have get-togethers...LOL ) x0x0, me
from the-one :
OMG girl you are f*cking hysterical!!! I like so have to totally read this sh*t more often. Thanks for signing my page...hope you come back, maybe we can have tea. ( i dont really like tea, but i think thats what people drink when they have get-togethers...LOL ) x0x0, me
from notahilbilly :
yo ass is DIRTY. just FILTHY! ima take yo ass ta CHURCH, bitch!
from ornerypest :
Your calves are threatening suicide? Gosh gee, I hope you like veal cutlets! And yes indeed, a $50 Huffy would be a very nice bike to ride from Wal Mart to hell. Not only that, but it'll be a great ride! Down hill all the way!
from gaja :
......why oh why would you know what Qred's undies smell like........
from apatheticq :
Hi. Who's this? Stan. Hang on a sec, I'm just writing that down. S-T-A-N, Stan. OK. Who am I? Well, I--just say that uh, I'm your worst nightmare, Stan. I'm calling from Bella's Trucking. See, you've got a package of mine hung up in customs and I gotta get it my friend, so this is what I want you to do: I want you to take my package and move it ahead of the other stuff, ok? Do you follow? My stuff goes first, allright? Oh don't give me that! Who do you think you're dealing with here? I'm a Veteran in this business. You're not just messing with some kid, I'm 40 years old. That's 40 winters my friend, and I survived 'em. For God's sake show some respect. I learned my business in the army. Yeah in the army! So don't try and tell me it can't be done, I've seen too much *crap* already. I used to deliver as a matter of fact. And another thing uh, Stan that *you* don't know is that I used to *do* your job. Even if that is a lie you're too Goddamn young to know it, allright. So don't tell me I can't get that done, sir, Goddammit, I'm a businessman! I'm chairman of the city trucking council. I belong to other organizations you've never even heard of! I'm a frequent flyer! Yeah, that's right, I'm a frequent flyer! I bet I could put that whole Goddamn office of yours up for the weekend in the Sudbury Resort and still have enough points left over to go to Paris and you're gonna tell me that can't be done?! You're gonna tell me that when over 20 women have called me lover! And I've clove unto them as the Bible says--yeah clove unto--yeah I've read the Bible. Yes, I'm well-read. I look good in red. I pay my taxes on demand. I shook Pierre Trudeau's hand back in 1981 and that's the same hand that's holding this phone. You're Goddamn right you'll see what you can do. OK call me back.
from anenigma :
You rock! That is all.
from fattitude :
It's me again. Was just wondering what I did to deserve that sweet loving you gave me early this morning? HOOTERS RULE! And Donny deemed me The Cunttress. Maybe I need to start using that name.
from notahilbilly :
hey, you will get your pooping pig when your sketchy ass comes ONLINE once in a while so I can get your address! and you don't have to send me the penis lighter. i'll pick it up when I fly up there to deflower that boy.
from schmez :
*GASP* It's ME!!!!
from gaja :
But....what am I supposed to do with my time if I don't play with the slave?
from fattitude :
I've gotten in contact with all my kitties and they have reassured me that they will look after your baby.

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