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from amrita :
i am an idiot. please forgive. good luck on your interview. i relized something. um.......yeah
from amrita :
anger doesnt even begin to decribe. i at least let you respond. and i dont leave i the middle of a conversation
from amrita :
i'm down, i'm kinda busy for a while but when i have a chance i'll tell you. i gots lots of studying to do this week. admit it yor into kristy allies peir one commercials
from lestat58 :
Hmm, the moon, eh? I always wanted to go out into space, and now I can...with company! lol bloody kisses, Lestat
from amrita :
cool i didn't know how you would mail your starter. i can mail you all kinds of tea bags. one of every kind i have.
from amrita :
what kind of tea? they seel 4 dollar tea next door to my work. it is a tea bar/ antique shop. i hate it , but they give us free tea on the friday. i don't know if i trust you and your startetr. you said earlier that you thought your starter died. are you trying to push your dead yeast for new fresh tea? shame shame.
from amrita :
fat tinkerbell are you ready for it?? my friend works for starbucks they have a really good health plan. because your worth it. i must have your sourdough information it is a life and death thing now.
from amrita :
how do you make a sourdough starter? did you go to the red bull thing? i believe my manager did. he was from s.j. but he flew away with a hobo bag on his shoulder. its the only place to be popper doesn't work when the lightdoesnt go on..corn for the masses
from amrita :
kryptic messeges in the morning are hard to deal with ... are you stalking me? did you leave those dead roses outside my window? are you the one who calls out my name at random times and is gone when i turn around..... did you whiten my teeth while i slept? are you the one that took fabio out of the i cant believe its not butter commercials? what is an innerchild without pizza?
from amrita :
50 min till first class and i cant bring myself to get up off my ass and out the door. if only caffine were here to save me. can's sleep clown will eat me oh yeah, i have no idea what you are refering to
from amrita :
i forgot before... moby was born on 9.11 i love moby... not really his music... i just havent heard much... but i love the interviews he gives
from amrita :
i only drink coke slurppee in the skinny pink cups with purple straws... well on occasion i drink pina colada slurppee. if you can promise that i accept. do you like bubble gum? i have discovered the secret to happiness. sugarless peppermint bubble gum from bubble yum... no crappy bubblishious for me. it is the only sugarless bubble gum i will eat nutrasweet causes cancer... this is getting long....
from jenne1017 :
popcorn bits follow me, threatening harm in popping
from asteroidbelt :
up until now i thought the ca in yer name stood for canada. ooops.
from marygraceful :
Dear Dude, My readers have asked me why you want me to eat my cat, and I have to say I have no idea, nor do I know which cat you were referring to, as I have more than one. So maybe you can enlighten them with an answer to their "Why?"
from sexycadude :
Hey...! It's ME! I rock, Me! Me is so sexy! Me is such a sexyca dude. I LOVE ME!
from karperegrine :
hey, i read
from lydibug :
OMG! Somebody actually reads my diary? That is so wonderfully weird! Geez. I don't know what to make of it. Its not that I wanted it to be private, but Its just funny that all the weird shit I write is actually being read by somebody out there. You rock! I don't know if I should be embarassed or just flattered. My life is so rediculously boring... but you like it... WOW. You made my day. Thank you so much..

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