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from shiloh26 :
Happy Birthday Soph! *singsongs "And many more...*
from shiloh26 :
I forgot to say "Congratulations!" on getting into your college! Well done!
from cyberpurple :
try for answers to all of your how many calories does ... take? questions. LOL love ya babe can't wait for CORNWALL!
from shiloh26 :
Happy birthday, Sophie. Hope you have a wonderful day!
from cyberpurple :
Believe in the Power and Beauty of Your Youth. Ha.
from axolytl :
Hey! We have a huge rosemary bush in our garden and I'm sure I remember my Mum saying something about taking cuttings, so you can try hacking off a bit of it if you like..won't even charge you.. Kirstie xxxx
from star-heart :
Try typing your entries in notepad or word. normally if they get deleted its coz u pressed ctrl+A instead of shift+A so it gets selected and deleted. that wont stop that but sometimes if you press backspace on the add entry page it takes u back a page instead and you lose the entry and that will stop that
from axolytl :
Just saying hey cause I've discovered I can..
from star-heart :
I know I already called you and sang down the phone to you this morning, but Happy Birthday sweetheart! I remember being in the swimming pool at primary school and Mrs Brown coming down to tell me you were born and I had a baby sister... was that really sixteen years ago?! Love you x x
from sophinda :
there were quite a few people who were drunk before school and sum who were drinking during school and almost every1 got drunk afterwards. dum de dum all growed up.
from star-heart :
argh!!! I left that school a year before you started and now you've left too!!! how scary is that?!?! On our leaving day loads of people got drunk at lunchtime and had to be sent home in taxis. Mrs Proctor was not happy. I finish uni in 11 days, four hours and ten minutes. double ARGH!!!
from star-heart :
I want to find my leaving book and read it again now, I can't believe it's six years since I left there. I'm at now if you want to take a look. Oh and if you want me to make your journal look all pretty with pics, diff colours and fonts and all that, I can do it, just let me know. love, Em
from loonygoth :
cheers-check out my perdy new colours. :)
from loonygoth : do u change the colours on the journals? -i tried-and failed so ive quit whilst i still have a journal...
from star-heart :
hey hey want me to explain how this works? text me if you do! love, me

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