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from f-i-n :
Your diary is lovely.
from pchan33 :
I'm a Bowie fan too and I like your diary.
from discodave :
Thank you, sweetheart - like the turkeys :) Dxx
from do-dolen :
but... but... are you gone forever?
from discodave :
No guestbook yet, I guess ;) Nice design, though (as always). And as to the christmas alone, I've done it and it's not great, but nor are the petty familial squabbles over who gets to watch what, so it could be worse... Dxx
from discodave :
You ok, Leslie? Dxx
from parlance :
from cornnugget :
I have always wondered the same damn thing. What the hell makes Ketchup "Fancy"?? You have to let me know if you ever make that distinction. BTW, I love the Thin White Duke too. Enjoyed your entry.
from realitychic :
p.s. i luv you're layout. will you give me lessons? :)
from realitychic :
p.s. i luv you're layout. will you give me lessons? :)
from realitychic :
you make me and my diary feel like shit (but that's not necessarily a bad thing)
from hyacinthgirl :
hi! scrabble747 has moved to cheers!
from discodave :
Damn girl, in no way, shape or form are you anything less than great. And I can say that with a considerable amount of certainty, seeing as I'm always right. Dxx
from discodave :
Not a problem, hon. Write me whenever, or if you're bored. Dxx
from torch :
Hello there, My boyfriend and I are thinking of starting an online magazine type thingie. We've spread the word looking for contributors or people who can help us with HTML. All the (very sketchy) details are on my most recent entry. Interested? Drop my a line. I like your new layout by the way. Peace out x Torch
from asteroidbelt :
the rawker was so awesome. i loved when slash showed up and distracted him from sewing. hahahha
from perceptionss :
Les, thanks for taking my survey. "Hot Booty Fever" sounds serious:) Hope it's not contagious. Take care. Love, Booby
from gotherand :
still no dual movie diary!! you must join me in my pursuits!
from squashpie :
from blackcat14 :
geez, i wish i had a job. life for a 14 year old is so boring . came upon here thru the members area, i luv ur layout ^_~
from boygravy :
from mew-mew :
____ stumbled here. like + very much+
from cocker-lover :
hello space. this is a cocker lover as well as a bowie lover.. i just think cocker lover has a better ring to it...don't you? ciao darling!
from solipsistic :
it's not that I enjoy being missed. it's only that I don't want to become something that wouldn't be.
from squashpie :
You see, I'm not usually a bitch . . . it's just been lately . . . but I know I'm a bitch, and I try to stop myself, but I can't . . . it's confusing . . . but good question nevertheless.
from solipsistic :
i wondered because you mentioned going to mckay bookstore in one of your entries. i am fairly addicted to that place.
from squashpie :
I think I can keep a secret.
from squashpie :
from glam-trash :
Um, I found your diary when I was looking for Pulp fans, and uh, I just thought I'd leave a note. And here it is.
from solipsistic :
where do you live?
from astronautm :
from astronautm :
Enjoyed what i've read a lot.
from squashpie :
This is awesome. Good luck!
from frances-nyc :
Are you on Bowie Net?
from goldenlights :
e.e. cummings! die
from thirty-one :
wow. very good... amazing :) keep it up
from squashpie :
I hate waking up to the noise. -xoxo ps-I leave it on because if I don't, I'll have nothing to do but think and that's scary.
from squashpie :
from stellarose :
i really like your diary. i wish i had the balls to be more interesting and take more risks on this thing. instead i opt for the soap opera digest and put the sun also rises on the top shelf where it gathers dust. alas. thank you. *SR
from goldenlights :
oh MY GOD!! jarvis!
from girlgenie :
from avarice :
the chorus to "All You Need Is Love" left my lips - and with thoughts of you. Gorgeous new layout, by the way.
from goldenlights :
i always wondered but never knew how to convey a nice horizontal scroll. rock on!
from lurvelessons :
I recently attended a Twin Peaks Marathon. Food/Drink served: cherry pie and coffee. Random Items Decorating Fellow Fan's Apartment: the Log Lady's log, Dr. Jacopi's glasses, a sign for the RR Diner, a casino chip from One-Eyed Jack's. Topics of Discussion: the symbolic meaning of the traffic lights, who is the Cooper to my Audrey?, what is the best line from TP eva?....winning line comes from Pete...."There was a fish in the percolater." Your diary makes me smile.
from discodave :
Good to find you too hon - I still get panic attacks every so often and I don't think a diet of coffee and nicotine is really improving the situation! Be good, Dxx
from discodave :
I'd love to be part of the TwinPeaksathon as well - I find people who don't know what it's about always seem to walk in when Leland Palmer's having a freakout and proceed to run away screaming, so kindred spirits would be good (especially when they do the whole Black/White Lodge bits) Anyway, I'm off to nurse my bruised bloodstream with copious amounts of water and fatty foods, Dxx
from ljiljiana :
PS: I didn't know mis-shapes was your creation when I joined it. I just joined because I adore Pulp and think Jarvis is a genius. But now that I know it makes you even cooler. (Lame word, I know)
from ljiljiana :
Hi, thanks for offering to help but I think nothing short of a 600-page How-To guide will do. By the way I also read much of your diary and you are very cool too.
from goldenlights :
:( i'm sorry about all the broken images in lex designs, but i had to do it! if any of your friends are using them, tell them to go to my site and there's directions on how to fix them! :)
from samuellewis :
I know, I am girl crazy! I'm looking for that one girl to be crazy about though. By the way, dinner sounds great. I bet you live really, really far away from me though. Plus, I would cook for you.
from girlgenie :
you can be my laughtrack and i can be yours, how does that sound?
from ljiljiana :
Your diary looks wonderful. I don't know how to do this sort of thing so I am a bit embarassed about my own. The only thing I have managed to do so far is remove most of the hideous template. Anyway, it's great.
from cucumber :
oh wow, you're way too cool for your own good
from thestrain :
i really like your diary!
from project-her :
doode. i so hate the movie/book thing. it's like they get rid of all the original covers and replace 'em with an actors smiling mug.
from notnatural :
absolutely beautiful layout and excellent writing. i will check back here often.
from dial-revenge :
i stopped verbalpaint. your diary is gorgeous. xo.
from jodiemartin :
thanks. i think.
from avarice :
You may not believe me, but, oh, how I revel in the way that you rock.
from gonzostar :
thanks for joining my green ring! your HTML is amazing. i'm sure you knew that. =)
from jodiemartin :
your page is really beautiful
from girlgenie :
i read you so much i will send myself in a blank envelope and it will say PUSH. and when you do, i'll just explode. xo.bee
from stillill :
Yes, why is it that everyone on earth smokes but yourself? I'm just like that, most of my friends smoke and you can't get away from that in the city. Next time dudes rent prono from your store, give an extra big smile

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