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from wonderwall :
yay you're will turner too :)
from un-fold :
hello. just thought i would wish you a happy new year...may it be your best year yet. <3
from wonderwall :
being the perpetual platonic friend sucks! i wish i had an explanation for it.
from un-fold :
you're too kind, too kind... i meant to leave a message about your most recent entry--the quote on hope... i absolutely <3 it.
from punchdrunken :
thank you, dollface. i appreciate it so much. i hope that you keep writing as well. <333
from un-fold :
“assholic jerk”…I think not; an “assholic jerk” would not tell a girl to smile. Thank you for the note, dear…little things count the most…
from un-fold :
the quote: from the film American Beauty... isn't it loverly? (if you haven't seen it i strongly advise doing so.)
from punchdrunken :
youre a genuinely lovely person, darling. thought i would remind you. incase you aren't told enough. <333
from un-fold :
Jeez, you sure know how to make a girl feel special…I don't believe I have ever had something so nice written about my dairy before. Thanks every so much, darling. It sincerely made my day. [p.s.-you automatically rock, not only for the nice comment, but for your taste in music and movies…keep writing I'll keep reading.]

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