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from synchestra :
its thrilling isn't it, the www flinging random linkages at you like that. are you from nz yourself? it's a village, really. yes, very intense change in direction. was at a fork. life would have been ok if i took the marriage path but it just wasn't right. took me a long time to find the courage. very happy. thanks for the kind words, even through this anonymous vehicle do i find comfort.
from fatcowww :
Wow - going from "imminent wedding" to single is severe... on the other hand, you do seem to know what you're doing, and there's no point staying in a relationship that you know you can't make work. Being neutral is good (having doubts is bad; took me too long to figure that out for myself). Bless.
from fatcowww :
Hi there :) I just found you today. I've read quite a few of your older entries and have enjoyed them, so I'm adding you in anticipation of more greatness ;) I have a cousin in 'Pram so it was some kind of silly thrill to read about you going there. I'm so easily amused, honestly.
from dullstar :
I LOVE that picture as well. What a badass.
from dullstar :
Whoa there! I hope it was an incredibly satisfying quitting. I've always wanted one of those.
from dullstar :
Congratulations!!! Lovely ring!
from jmclaughlins :
Seems like a case of the "same shit, different day" syndrome, I hope your days get better and your family doesn't cause you anymore grief then it already has.
from dullstar :
I usually follow the money, but that's me. It'll work out either way. Good luck, and congrats on the offer!
from dullstar :
I just did a massive cringe at your description of your bruise...yeeeouch! Best of luck with the healing...yikes, I'm still cringing.
from sunnyrain828 :
I do that too (grind my teeth at night), and I used to have dreams about my teeth falling out ALL the time. I went to the dentist and they made me a little bite to prop my teeth apart so they won't grind together anymore. It's worth looking into, especially since you've actually chipped your teeth!!
from dullstar :
I am no fan of weddings either and avoid them at all costs. For me, it's a combination of cynicism and my hatred for being in a situation in which I can't choose the group of people I'm hanging out with. Good luck with the bridesmaidness.
from dullstar :
Yay quitting smoking! I never realized how horrific I and everything around me reeked until I quit three years ago. Keep on keepin on.
from dullstar :
I am a 1-2 times a week hair-warshin' girl myself. Truly, who has the time?
from avox :
And by most recent, I meant the one for November 12th. I just noticed you're a day ahead of us. The one 'bout your lover.
from avox :
I clicked on your username because it reminded me of the word "synchronicities", and I'm rather intrigued by them. The best part, though, is your recent entry. It directly mimics my own I just posted about stagnation and miserable relationships. That's ironic! It's a synchronicity in itself.
from dontremember :
i also pee in the shower. i know i shouldn't but i'm not sure why. its my very guilty and very ungirly pleasure.
from xxholding-on :
hi i saw you were online and i really wanted the vote from diaryland towards a contest i joined. It's a coach marketing contest and i need as many votes as i can get, please help!
from faucets :
I saw that you liked my layout! Thank you very much! I'm getting ready to change it, because it is a little flashy for the purpose of my diary, and I still have the layered image. I usually discard my layouts when I am done with them, but I can change the header to say your username, if you want, and I'd be happy to pass it along to you. :)
from sundaygirl :
sure. give me your email and we can discuss a new layout for you.

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