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from atwowaydream :
Yes, please. Let's trade.
from raven72d :
Still writing?
from sky-rocket :
will you come back?
from boombasticat :
Hello. I remember your name from your friend Becky's writing here. Have a password?
from n-passant :
I took it out while packing things up here. Wore it for the afternoon, and felt good. Connected. I wanted to share that.
from atwowaydream :
if you do come back to write here, please do give me your password. you always have such lovely things to say.
from permeation :
Thank you! (That necklace, I've had for years and only lately have started wearing it again. I love finding old things like that.) x
from atwowaydream :
I have always loved the word bramble, I think Tori said it perfectly with, "woman you've got too many brambles, hiding under these bushes. . ." anyhow, the entry and photo was simply lovely. What a rainbow, what a moment.
from hlao-roo :
"I am a cat animating a wadded up ball of paper." This made me smile. So am I.
from studionique :
thanks for responding to my question, check out my latest post, it kinda reminded me of that quote I liked from your page.
from aucrepuscule :
god, so true. i was always trying to understand the cuddly feelings i have when i just look at everything and try not to judge. you're so right, that really is what love feels that line... beauty is truth, truth beauty.
from sky-rocket :
ugh, i know. do you think i should at least attempt to go on this trip with him though? i'd get to travel for a month and hit nyc, vegas, and san francisco. if i can't stand it along the way, he'd just buy me a ticket back to florida.
from old-story :
thanks, donna, thatmakes me feel better. did you have concentration/eye issues at all?
from sky-rocket :
thanks for your note. yeah, the book really made me think about the type of emotional connection i had/didn't have, and how i am now because of it, etc.
from permeation :
thank you. i'm actually a week behind on making a new mix. shame on me! but there are so many songs swirling around in my head that i hope the next one will be a good one. xx
from aucrepuscule :
that is as true for me as it is for you. -h
from delighted :
'While all my efforts to represent what I see inside myself will (and must) fail... The act of trying to bring it to the shore- of sincerely and purely giving myself- means everything.' I have been struggling to find a way to conceptualize/verbalize/frame this notion for a while, thank you for showing it to me so clearly.
from fifidellabon :
Hello, that was me reading your archives. You know, so you won't worry, if you are a worrying type. /Fifi
from hlao-roo :
Thank you. I'm still working through it, trying to make sense of it, but I figure the experience should have some use. Even if all it really gets you is the ability to understand what someone else truly means when they use the word.
from permeation :
thank you xx
from roamany :
Have you ever heard the Hope Sandoval version of "Suzanne,"? I can almost hear Leonard Cohen in the background, and for some reason it conjures up your writing...
from polly-esther :
Hi! It's las/vegas. Yours looks interesting...
from delighted :
from haikuman :
i'm glad you joined the brautigan ring. we should all be reading brautigan to strangers whenever we use public transportation. just an idea. do you write haiku? send me one if you do.
from rollerqueen :
ps. i love your diary. i'm certain i've come across it a few times before actually.
from rollerqueen :
hi, thanks a lot for your note. things like that make me very happy. it's okay, though. see there's this thing in our town - you have to fall into one of two catagories - 'grunger' or 'townie'. Despite the fact that I can't stand the way people do this, I've been labelled a grunger and all my friends are 'grungers' so I have to stick to that. There aren't very many of 'us' and if you're a townie you have to hate us. You hate us without even knowing us. That is their reason & in their eyes it's perfectly valid. it doesn't help that there's so many of them either. but really, if you're a grunger then you're fucked from the start so you're got to expect certain things to happen. it's probably not a bad as I make out. it's something you can get used to I suppose. anyway, this really isn't what I set out to write about here so I'm going to shut up and just leave it at 'thank you very much for being so nice'. :) - bex xxx
from courtneymay :
you are ME. have i mentioned this? that you are courtney west coast edition? of course.
from keptquietly :
not by yourself, just without him. the difference makes it less difficult, when it comes down to that.
from courtneymay :
keptquietly forwarded me your last entry, and i forwarded it on to my ex-boyfriend, and now we're all fans. thanks.
from eversheflows :
from peth :
oh sythy. welcome to the harold and maude ring!
from inimitable :
i miss you.
from lostwithzeal :
"life is infinite, nonsequential. bigger than this." I will attempt to describe my adoration for your writing, but my words are empty in comparrison to yours. I love the way you paint elaborate pictures to describe the smallest, most intangible emotions. To hear such honesty in a person is a joy. Also noteworthy are your little observations on life (I've often wondered about the 'Mc' as well.) While browsing your pages, I laughed, I cried, felt conflict and peace; I was engulfed in wonder. You rock.
from almostgoldsf :
"I give in to sin, Because I like to practise what I preach"...I've added you to my list -- looking forward to reading more from you. cheers.
from starsaway :
It's entirely up to you..if you think you will be locked for a while, ill take you off but you can join again when you unlock...if you think you wont be locked long, I'll just keep you on. Whatever's clever.
from starsaway :
Hey there..I was just wondering whether you will be staying a locked diary..if you are I'm gonna take you off the conor ring. thanks.
from mattmagus :
Hello, I had noticed that someone had come to my site through your diary, so I went to check out your diary and noticed it's one of those locked ones. So now my curiosity is doubly high. Thanks for sending someone to, even if you were telling them what a complete idiot I am.
from atypicalgirl :
hey- welcome to the citykids ring! yay for the city!
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the Tamora Pierce diaryring!

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